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Reengineering the Everglades

For decades, the world's largest wetlands have been diked, dammed, diverted, and drained. Here's how massive earthmoving, underground plumbing, and statistical modeling are getting South Florida back to nature—new and improved.

Feb 2002

The Secret History of Iraq’s Invisible War

Cutting-edge radio-jamming technologies provide a defense against the insurgency's improvised explosives.

Jun 2011

The End of the Air War

How the world’s most technologically advanced air force got put in a holding pattern.

Jan 2010

Take Back the Pentagon

Every secretary of defense tries to face down the military-industrial complex. Robert Gates is actually succeeding.

Oct 2009

The Bone Factory

Inside India’s underground trade in human remains.

Dec 2007
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On Your Marks, Get Set, Solve!

Puzzle-obsessed brainiacs scramble for glory in the Game.

May 2012

The Boat That Could Sink the America’s Cup

Larry Ellison planned the biggest, fastest, and most exciting yacht race in history. Maybe too big: His massive catamarans are so expensive that only four teams plan to compete this summer. Then Team Oracle wrecked one in San Francisco Bay, showing just how fragile the big boat, and the event itself, really is.

Jun 2013
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Sky Lab

A strange new Air Force facility creates enough energy to control the ionosphere—but not the conspiracy theorists.

Aug 2009

Afghan Diary

Reporting shoulder-to-shoulder with US troops as they grapple with the deadliest month for coalition forces since 2001.

Aug 2009

Manhunt, Inc.

In an era of privatized military firms, few have become as critical to the U.S. mission as Blackbird Techologies, whose tasks include hacking the recovered hard drives and ‘tagging’ terrorists for Special Ops.

May 2011

How Israeli Drone Pilots Made Their Life-and-Death Choices over Gaza

In the final days of the 2008–09 conflict between Israel and Hamas, one drone pilot grappled with the moral choices that came with remotely spying, and ordering death, from above.

Jan 2009

NYC Is Getting a New High-Tech Defense Perimeter. Let’s Hope It Works

An ambitious plan to tighten New York’s security creates challenges and controversy.

Apr 2008

Pentagon’s Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on eBay

When the government scrapped a futuristic weapon project, a tinkerer discovered how low-tech the program was after buying leftover parts on the Internet.

Aug 2011

Exposing India’s Blood Farmers

An excerpt from The Red Market.

Jun 2011

This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades

How a new military technology might allow for battlefield surveillance long after the fighting has ended.

May 2012

How Joe Biden Accidentally Helped Us All E-Mail in Private

Phil Zimmermann’s PGP attempts to thwart Big Brother by bringing digital encryption to the masses.

Dec 2012

Down with Happiness

Drugs. Implants. Virtual reality. Do we really want joy 24/7?

May 2007

Inside Darpa’s Secret Afghan Spy Machine

There’s so-called “human intelligence,” and then there’s Nexus 7, the U.S. military’s newest tool for investigating regional stability in the war-torn country.

Jul 2011

Raising the Dead

She was dumped in the woods and buried without a name. Decades later, one man with a computer and an obsession cracked the mystery. How Todd Matthews helped the Tent Girl—and her family—find peace.

Aug 2004

Peak Water

Aquifers and rivers are running dry. How three regions are coping.

Apr 2008

Murder on Myspace

When violent crime strikes a social network, the ghosts of the dead start roaming the machines.

Dec 2006

Spycam Force

Chicago’s two-fisted street cops have a new kind of backup: a point-and-click surveillance network tied to a citywide crime-fighting database. (Smile for the camera.)

May 2005

Attack of the Drones

Flying bots rule the skies in combat zones around the globe. Now the battle is on between the joystick jockeys and the fighter jocks.

Jun 2005

How Technology Almost Lost the War

In Iraq, the critical networks are social—not electronic.

Nov 2007