Washington Post

Can Apple Make a More Ethical iPhone?

Apple could do more to improve factory conditions.

Mar 2012

The Writing Life

Reflections on a life lived in two worlds.

Apr 2000
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Scroll Man

When Washington lawyer Hershel Shanks changed careers and got interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls, he turned an arcane academic debate into an intercontinental spectator sport. Biblical archaeology may never be the same.

May 1992

The Writing Life

A young Peruvian American creates a body of original Latin American literature—in English.

Jul 2006
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Stranger Than Fiction

Genealogy, elusive memories, and the task of compiling a memoir.

Dec 1998
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Virginia’s Beauties on Circuit

Inside the life of a pageant girl.

Feb 1981
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The Thrill of Going Around in Circles

Part-time racer with a full-time passion.

May 1982
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Along the Adriatic Coast

Nude beaches, medieval villages and a bit of magic mud.

Jul 1988
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The Hunt

A day of deer hunting reveals the bond of kinship between a father and son.

Dec 1981
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Notre Dame with Peach Fuzz

The Annandale Atoms: so psyched, so explosive, so … totally awesome, man!

Oct 1981
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How Best to Explore the Outback?

The pub crawl, of course.

Jan 1988
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Romance’s Last Refuge

Inside a strip club, worshipping before the altar of lust.

Feb 1995
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The Payoff for a Director’s Dedication

The forces that fired Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ.

Aug 1988

Amid the Snowdrifts, I Felt the Pain in Campaign

With a presidential candidate we could finally believe in, neither sleet nor hail could keep us from canvassing in wintery New Hampshire.

Dec 2007

The Mask of Lil' Kim

What lies behind the hip-hop artist's raunchy image? A businesswoman, a feminist … an enigma.

Sep 2000

The Guns of Anarchy

While the world has largely stood by, the Horn of Africa has served as a laboratory for anarchy—and the results aren't pretty.

Dec 2008

Don’t Throw Veterans an Iraq Victory Parade

And not just because we don’t have a victory to celebrate. Until America honors its veterans by supporting them after they return from duty, such gestures are nothing more than lip service.

Feb 2012

Dehumanizing the Enemy

Though we’d like to distance ourselves, war atrocities begin at home.

Jan 2012

A Brand New Game

When two candidates are separated by less than one ten-thousandth of the votes cast, resolution of the most minute ambiguities in the rules is likely to determine the outcome—as in fact it did in Florida.

Dec 2000

A Dominant GOP? How So?

The election proves only that the voters remain closely divided.

Dec 2004

Everything Is Illuminated

What, exactly, does the Constitution say?

Sep 2005

It’s up to Gonzales Now

Political loyalty in the Bush Justice Department.

Apr 2007

Who’s Afraid of the Year 2000?

The turning of a new millennium.

Jun 1995

Where Are the Children?

As families find it harder to make ends meet, youth is getting lost in the shuffle.

May 1995