The Sipping Point

Loving the effects of alcohol a little too much, the author looks to limit—but not eliminate—her nightly glasses of wine.

Apr 2011

Oprah Calling

After years of running MTV, Christina Norman wanted a break. Then, at 44, she got the job offer of a lifetime.

Aug 2010
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A Captive's Tale

Kidnapped in Somalia, Amanda Lindhout spent fifteen months in terrifying captivity. Only after meeting journalist Sara Corbett did she feel ready to tell her story.

Sep 2013

Dream Girl

Whether touring the globe with a groundbreaking extravaganza or launching an out-of-this-world fragrance, Lady Gaga is meeting the future on her own wildly inventive terms.

Sep 2012

Off to the Races: Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

With her injury behind her, and Tiger Woods on her team, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn has finally found balance in a life spent constantly on the move.

Jul 2013

Oprah’s Moment

The queen of talk shows is ready to step into an even brighter spotlight with her role in Beloved.

Oct 1998
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Go East!

With exploding wealth and a newfound sense of possibility, China has discovered life in the fast lane, becoming a hub of urban art, fashion, and architecture. And it’s just the beginning.

Sep 2011

Into the Unknown

The author and her husband train for the open-water Alcatraz swim in the ultimate test of their bodies—and their marriage.

Apr 2011
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Lady Gaga: Our Lady of Pop

It’s surprising how effortlessly the pop star switches back and forth between “lady” and “gaga.”

Mar 2011

The First Lady of Rock

Glamorous Gwen Stefani has become the ultimate music icon with that rare thing—a good reputation. Now she’s setting her sights on Hollywood.

Apr 2004

Girl on Fire

Whether lighting up an indie or fronting a blockbuster franchise, Jennifer Lawrence is the most electric talent to hit Hollywood in a generation.

Sep 2013
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Water Mark

In the pool at the Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, Pierre Cruneberg plays host to celebs, dignitaries, and the water-shy.

Jul 1998
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Hard Cell

Just how harmful are cell phones to our health and quality of life?

Dec 2000
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Frustratingly hard to treat and excruciatingly painful, migraines have long been medicine’s unsolved mystery. Until now.

Apr 2012
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Counter Culture

Frequently popping over-the-counter pills for everyday aches may be more damaging than the pain itself.

Feb 2012

The Birdman

The author remembers a magical friendship with a mysterious neighbor.

Feb 2010
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Perfect Specimen

At Cryobank, hunting for good sperm can be easier than searching for the ideal suit—or man.

Aug 2000
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Prime Suspect

With the vast majority of livestock being fed antibiotics, the author wonders: How safe is our meat?

May 2010
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Screen Test

Can you stay healthy and get fit using only an iPhone and a computer? The author logs on.

Mar 2011
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Sample Stampede

The bitter battle of a sample sale can leave the competitive shopper with a closetful of (pitiful) victories. Reflections on remnant-raider’s remorse.

Apr 1999
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Lashing Out

After waxing, plucking, polishing, or clipping nearly every exposed bit of their bodies, women discover beauty’s final frontier: eyelash primping. Extensions, anyone?

Oct 2000
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The Firm

The author discovers a speedy new workout routine for the time-crunched.

Jan 2003
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Foaming at the Mouth

With dental products galore, we’re more obsessed about our teeth than ever. What’s helpful? What’s hype?

Jan 2004
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Prime Time

She dogsleds. swims with sharks—and wields a mean lipsick. Now Lauren Hutton launches makeup for women over 35.

Aug 2002