The Pacific Northwest Inlander

Without a Trace

How do you find someone who disappears into thin air?

The Journey of Life

In many ways Agwa Taka is an average Spokanite. But that’s only half the story.

Holy War on Women

Why the Vatican says American nuns have become “radical feminists.”

American Beauty

Why strong women still chase the crown.

The People Left Behind

When a 13-year-old dies, a whole community is left searching for answers.

Personal Jesus

Local boy Ben Klein has made a name for himself as the King. But don’t call him Elvis.

Paper Cuts

Why phone books are on the chopping block for greens, pols and pissed-off citizens.

Blood Sport

Local backyard wrestling teeters between athletics and maniacal violence.

Great White

The giant Palouse earthworm can’t be found—yet it’s dividing the Palouse.


After paying their debt to society, millions are still branded by their felony records.

Falling Down

How a 40-day crime spree changed Al Hadlock’s life forever.