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The Shop

After school, the author would go to his mother’s hair salon, one of the few places of safety for black women in the ’60s.

What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?

The moment the government started telling Americans to eat less fat, we got fatter. The truths about why we gain weight and why it is so hard to lose it might turn out to be much different than we think.

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My Addicted Son

What can you do for a boy who has spent years living for methamphetamine? A father’s story.

The Great Cyberheist

Inside the mind of Albert Gonzalez, America’s most notorious computer hacker.

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My Long War

What it’s been like reporting a conflict that never seems to end.

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What Broke My Father’s Heart

How putting in a pacemaker wrecked a family’s life.

What Makes a Writer Want to Rock Out?

Literary fiction and indie music used to be worlds apart, but no longer.

Ladies’ Man

Jimmy Connors learned to play a “woman’s game” to beat men. Apparently it wasn’t enough to help him last more than one match as Maria Sharapova’s coach.

Queen of the Separates

Liz Claiborne changed the way working women dressed.

Anjelica Rising

Stardom for another Huston.

Pants On Fire

Talk-show host Morton Downey Jr. lived by one simple rule: If you can’t be right, be wrong at the top of your lungs.

They Laughed at Galileo Too

Dean Radin knows that parapsychology is hardly the most credible field of science. That doesn’t stop him from believing he can turn on a switch with his mind.

Too Rich for Their Blood

Maplewood, N.J., has been home to the Cross family for more than a century. Their fortunes haven’t changed much, but the town’s have, and they can’t afford to stay.

The I.P.O. Boomers

Soon the kids bonding over Internet stocks will seem as dated as those Woodstock geezers.

‘As Long As You’re Watching People Have Sex, You Could Be Learning Something’

The quandary for “Masters of Sex”: How do you make a smart TV show about sex when every TV show is jampacked with sex?

And They Told Two Friends …

E-commerce may be tanking, but the online trade in sexual braggadocio is brisk. Seller beware.

The Up Side of Dressing Down

For this writer, what is well worn is also well loved.

A Man of Many Women

After making his name with candy-colored, drug-laced, madcap movies about female misadventure, Pedro Almodóvar is trying to grow up. His new movie, All About My Mother, features a nun with AIDS and a father named Lola.

The Wild Wild East

It’s always been assumed that old-growth forests survived only in the West. But now the East Coast is experiencing the shock of the old as well.

Lasting Impressions

A man often wears his past on his sleeve. This writer reminisces about the family and friends who have shaped his own style.

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The Brand Underground

The idiom of today’s alienated (or anyway, hipster) youth isn’t art or music or literature. It’s turning an idea you have—or maybe your self—into a product.

‘Well, Here It Comes! The Biggest Song In the U.S.A.!’

Does it matter if there’s no such thing as a No. 1 song anymore?

Work Daze

These creative, romantic new-economy jobs? Welcome to the next boring profession.

What’s a Record Exec To Do With Aimee Mann?

Critics loved her, but she couldn’t remake herself as a 90’s pop star. Now, with the industry in turmoil, she may not have to.