The New York Observer

Soccer Hijacked by Pinheads Coasting on World Cup Fever

The lit world’s take on the populist pastime in The Thinking Fan’s Guide and How Soccer Explains the World.

Bellicose Israeli General Causes Identity Crisis Here

How come so many American Jews have a solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict—even if they’ve never been there?

Weighing Iraq in the Balance

Good intentions, bad arrogance in George Packer’s The Assassins’ Gate.

Amis in the 21st Century

The renowned novelist Martin Amis takes on Islam and the post-9/11 imagination.

Murray, a Great Black Hope at 79, Stomps on Literary Establishment

Why Albert Murray has never stopped teaching the blues.

How Did Rebels Become Stepford Wives?

The ironic fate of a generation of high-profile feminists.

Donna Hanover Goes Center Stage

The First Lady of New York City takes on The Vagina Monologues.

And Justice for All—Even “the Worst of the Worst”

Guantánamo Bay and the question of habeas corpus.

Air Disasters, Legal Fees and Justice for the Victims

The Kreindler and Kreindler firm takes on 9/11.

A Trove of Salvage Unsalvaged Spawns a Mess of Lawsuits

On architecture, grand larceny, and the First Amendment.

The Age of Innoncence

Peter Neufeld’s DNA crusade rolls on.