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The Ghost of Saint Kurt

Romanticized, ripped off, and never quite forgotten, Kurt Cobain still haunts us like no other rock star.

Apr 2004
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Speak of the Devil

His grandpa was the face of Satanism and his childhood was like an X-rated Addams Family. But is Stanton LaVey—buddy of rock stars, lover of porn stars—altogether ooky or is he just plain creepy?

Jun 2008

Death behind the Wall of Sound

She was a down-on-her-luck actress from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He was one of pop music’s most successful producers. When Lana Clarkson met a grisly end in 2003, had gun-loving Phil Spector’s history of bad behavior finally reached a deadly coda? On the eve of his murder trial, here’s new insight into what happened the night their worlds collided.

Apr 2006

Steal This Column

Angry Gen-X thinker Tom Frank has become a star by arguing that “hipness” is a corporate sham. Does that make “Spin” a fraud?

Jun 1998
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Notes on the Death of the Celebrity Profile

Or, why you shouldn’t trust any story whose first paragraph begins with what the star is eating or wearing (unless the star is naked).

Mar 1998