The Cult of the General Manager

Can we go back to worshiping athletes already?

Aug 2005

The Puffin Charmer

By thinking like a social bird, Stephen Kress brought puffins back to the United States.

Nov 2012

Humanitarian Malfeasance

The United Nations is responsible for killing more than 8,000 Haitians since 2010. And it’s not even willing to say it’s sorry.

Feb 2013
By Editors Recommend

Bilbo Baggins Is a Girl

Until children’s books catch up to our daughters, rewrite them.

Dec 2013

Is There an “Obama Effect” on Crime?

A surprising new theory for the continuing crime decline among black Americans.

Oct 2011

Supersize It

Our waistlines aren’t all that’s expanding—our stuff is, too.

Mar 2004

Thou Dost Protest Too Much

An old law turns protesters into threats against the president.

Sep 2004


Why I love Top Gear.

Feb 2009

Recognizably Anonymous

How did a hacker group that rejects definition develop such a strong visual brand?

Dec 2011

Déjà Entendu

Björk is sui generis. Or is she?

Sep 2004

Bio Warfare

Why did Neil Young try to squelch Shakey?

May 2002

Nelly’s Confusion

Is the rapper a preacher or a party animal? Don’t ask him.

Jun 2002

Too Much Theft, Not Enough Love

Bob Dylan’s derivative new album.

Oct 2001

Extreme Home Makeover

The bullies and home-wreckers of While You Were Out.

Sep 2003

You Say You’re Concerned About Japan

Do you have the T-shirt to prove it?

Mar 2011

The Liar’s Club

How I told my friends I was writing about my childhood—and what they said in return.

Mar 2007

Confessions of a Reality TV Bottom-Feeder

Working for the worst television has to offer.

Aug 2001

Why One Child Is Enough for Me—and Might Be for You

A smaller family means all of the joy, less of the crap.

Jun 2013

The Perils of Hacking Math

The National Security Agency is undermining fundamental principles of mathematical knowledge.

Sep 2013


With land a valuable resource, Greece requires the recycling of cemetery space. It’s a ghastly business.

Feb 2011

Prime Numbers Hide Your Secrets

What happens when you enter your credit card number online?

Jun 2013

Don’t Let Economists and Politicians Hack Your Math

Of course kids need to learn algebra.

Feb 2013

Don’t Listen to E.O. Wilson

Math can help you in almost any career. There’s no reason to fear it.

Apr 2013

Tears of a Clown

I bomb as a kids’ birthday party entertainer.

May 2011