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The Visit

Twenty years ago, a family shut a child away. Now the brother opens the door.

Feb 1989

Are You Overdosing on Beauty?

When it comes to new cosmetic interventions, some women need an injection of common sense. How one woman learned to just say less.

Jul 2008

Losing a Friend But Keeping Memories Alive

With or without you: When a dear friend dies, keeping her spirit alive is critical not only to her memory, but also to your own emotional survival.

Jul 2007

The Red Box

The author and her father are estranged, but she still treasures the letters they wrote each other long ago.

Jun 2001
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Losing My Ambition

Why achieving less might mean loving life more.

Oct 2002

When Doctors Make Mistakes

One in three families has the trauma of experiencing a serious medical error. If things go wrong, would your doctor confess his slipup? And would you sue?

Aug 2006