What’s a little wife-swapping between neighbors?

Aug 2006

When Should a Man Stop Smoking Weed?


Sep 2013
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The Talented Mr. K

Did this young Indonesian Bacchus seduce the rich and powerful in a multimillion-dollar wine counterfeit scheme?

Jul 2012

The Sarong Comes from Saks

Taking a meandering path around the world.

Sep 1973

Adventures of a Litigious Law Buff

Turning witnesses to jelly, our would-be lawyer puts on a dazzling display of legal acumen—and sometimes even avoids losing his shirt.

Jan 1973

Winter Storms

A reporter returns from Iraq with troubles her father can’t fix.

May 2007

The President Flagellates Frogs

Of course, we all know that … but don’t you think it’s really odd about the Secretary of Defense and his curiously stuffed teddy bear?

Oct 1972

Dieticians are Just Folks

Will the people who gave the world carrot-and-raisin salad be tempted by the best food New Orleans has to offer? What do you think?

May 1973
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Death and Madness at Diamond Mountain

People come from all over the world to Arizona’s Diamond Mountain University, hoping to master Tibetan teachings and achieve peace of mind. For some, the search for enlightenment can go terribly wrong.

Mar 2013

Safely Deposited

Were Mr. Paige and the parade of beauties up to something nonmonetary in the bank’s private rooms?

Dec 1971
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One of the world’s foremost authorities on ribs, cheeseburgers, French fries and frosty malts takes a gourmet tour of Kansas City.

Apr 1972

La Chatte

An ode to the female anatomy.

Aug 2010

Keep It Clean

Faster than you could say “auto erotica,” the Kwik Klean Karwash became the kommunity’s kapital of kinkiness.

Feb 1973

Penises I Have Known

Small, huge, short, long, red, white, blue, veiny, curved, circumcised, uncircumcised, friendly, threatening, undeniable. The many splendors of the male member.

Jun 2007

Boom Car Boom

Hard-core bass heads don't care how fast their cars are—only how loud.

Mar 2009

Mein Kuwait

A look at the real Baghdad hidden beneath the headlines of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

Jan 1991
By Editors Recommend

Curse of the Double Eagle

Never before has a single gold piece inspired such feverish desire among men—or held such disastrous consequences. A rare look at the world’s most expensive coin.

Apr 2004

Bob Dylan: The Playboy Interview

A candid conversation with the visionary whose songs changed the times.

Mar 1978

Rockin’ with the Remainders

When fifteen famous authors formed the world’s weirdest band they had a blast, became legends and—what else?

Sep 1994

The Repackaging of Carl Lewis

How to save a would-be hero from himself.

Mar 1985

The Family Jewels

Now that everybody and his sister claim to have balls, it’s time to reappraise the most precious stones known to man.

Mar 1983

I’m Sick of Celebrities

A normal guy says it’s time to draw the line.

Dec 1984

Dare to Be Wrong

In these overcautious times, give us some men who are willing to fuck up royally.

Jan 1984

Why Wayne Newton’s Is Bigger Than Yours

Some penetrating thoughts about the salary system in America.

Feb 1983