Aw, Gratin!

Couch potatoes say their image has taken a mashing at a California county fair.

Aug 1988

Swing and a Hit

Swingers’ Jon Favreau scores with a flick about L.A. club hopping.

Nov 1996

Up and Running

Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton opens up about the depression that destroyed her athletic career—and how she got her life back on track.

Apr 2009

Why Did a Dad Unload His Nine Kids?

Out of work and overwhelmed, Gary Staton of Nebraska left his children behind at a hospital, using a controversial law designed to protect unwanted babies.

Oct 2008

A Bereaved Mother’s Gift

After losing her son to cancer, Valerie Sobel helps parents of sick kids be at their child’s side.

Apr 2007

The Fort Bragg Murders

In recent months, three female soldiers have been killed—allegedly by their military husbands or boyfriends. Is the Army doing enough to protect its women?

Dec 2008

A Human Time Bomb?

Robert Daniels, afflicted with a drug-resistant strain of TB, has spent eight months behind bars for not wearing a protective mask.

Apr 2007

Tammy Faye Messner (1942-2007)

Televangelism’s First Lady succumbs after a long fight with cancer.

Aug 2007
By Editors Recommend

William Gates III

At 34, the software satrap is working on his third billion.

Aug 1990

William Gibson

Teen geek makes good, redefines sci-fi.
Jun 1991

He Walked 1,100 Miles to Flee War

Now he helps his countrymen.
Jan 2007

A High School Student’s Nightmare: Dating Violence

It was love at first sight for Sarah Van Zanten when she met “Joe” her sophomore year. She never dreamed she’d become a statistic—one of thousands of teen girls caught in an abusive relationship.

Sep 2007

Medical Fugitive

When health officials told him he had a dangerous form of Tuberculosis, he fled, creating international panic. Now Atlanta attorney Andrew Speaker tells his story from his hospital room.

Jun 2007

On Her Own

Christina Mailhot, born with Down syndrome, makes a big move: at 27, she’s declaring her independence.

Oct 2006

A Dad’s Adoption Nightmare

After bringing home a child from Samoa, Mike Nyberg learned she had a loving family back home.

Jun 2009

The Kindergarten Diet

How young is too young to start your kid on a weight-loss program? You might be surprised.

Nov 2008

When a Soldier Comes Home

A homemade bomb in Baghdad tore Russ Marek’s body to pieces. Now his family is making him whole again.

Jun 2009