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Playground of the Gods

Point the handlebars toward Mt. Olympus, Turkey on a bicycle.

Apr 2001

Little Men

A quest to uncover the histories of the two shrunken men displayed at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Apr 1994

River Impossible

Everybody loves the Klamath. Everybody wants a piece of it. And they’re willing to go to war to get it.

Aug 2003

Cuba Libre

Why hordes of Yankee travelers are exactly what the island needs.

Oct 2010

Sheikhs and Freaks

The rise and fall and exile and triumphant possible return of Rod of Massachusetts to the battle-torn Bedouin kingdom of Dahab.

Sep 2000

Cool Hunter

Donny Adair dreams of getting African-American kids off the streets and into the woods. It won’t be easy, but Deadeye Donny has a way of making things go.

Nov 2010

The Ghost of Shipwrecks Future

Diving on lost ships is one thing. Exploring the boat that shadowed your life is a murkier adventure entirely.

Apr 2002

Off the Deep End

The Marianas Trench Marine National Monument, on the lonely western edge of the Pacific, is a place of WWII wrecks, unparalleled diving, and plummeting depths. Could it also be the first step in saving the world's oceans?

Jul 2010

Is Everything to Your Liking Mr. Samaranch?

Landing the greatest sporting event on earth requires a dash of seduction, a pinch of politics, and shameless quantities of palm grease. A recipe for bringing the Games to your hometown.

Aug 1996

Chasing Mackenzie’s Ghost

According to legend, New Zealand’s South Island was formed when the dawn froze 150 shipwrecked gods into mountains. There are worse places to spend eternity.

Apr 2000

The Sweetest Villains

Syria is an enthusiastic state sponsor of terrorism and a fiendish fan of torture and oppression. But have you tried the stuffed grape leaves? The author invades before the coalition of the willing can.

Feb 2006
By Exclusive

The Great Virgin Complex

Nowadays it’s getting harder to make good on the claim that you were the first. But the amateur explorers of the Rocas Alijos Project were sure no one had been there before.

Mar 1992

Gone and Back

The author dreamed of escaping Tel Aviv to snorkel in Egypt’s Red Sea. But the trip’s most exciting part was never actually getting there.

Jun 2007

Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning

With everything we want only a click away, scientists are discovering the benefits of the thing we need most: time spent outside. The author goes forest bathing.

Dec 2012


In the Church of the Moment, that swaggering and sacred place just beyond the steep couloirs of Whistler, the congregation knows no fear. Save for that silent penitent in the corner, who knows it well, honors it wisely, and then beats the living devil out of it.

Mar 1999

Tony Little Saves Tonga

Tony Little (I’m the World’s Number One Personal Trainer!) travels to Tonga (it’s a monarchy, right? you just stop the fatty food from coming in!) and whips the island nation into shape (holy shit, these people are huge!).

Oct 1997
By Editors Recommend

Boy Wonder

Roger Carver may be only 12, but he has some serious things to teach us: (1) Snowboarding is fun. (2) People are complicated. (3) Destiny is really weird.

Oct 2002


They’re swashbuckling billionaires and absent-minded dreamers, all chasing one of the last great adventures: 25,000 miles around the globe by jet stream and Icarian wing. No stopping, no sploshing.

Jun 1996

The High Cost of Being David Brower

He rescued some of the West’s hallowed lands. He became one of the most influential environmental leaders of the century. In the process, he sacrificed friends, family, and anyone who couldn’t keep up. Now, alone in the twilight, how does the archdruid make peace with it all?

Dec 1995


They are human bullets. Their world is defined by 100-meter lengths of track. Their goal? To run as fast as a body can. Then faster.

Jun 1995

Totally Psyched for the Full-Rip Nine

Monster earthquakes are going off all around the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire. Is the West Coast of North America next? And can you surf a tsunami?

Aug 2011


After years of sounding the climate-change alarm, writer Bill McKibben realized that gentle persuasion wasn’t cutting it. So he got mad. Then he got busy: tweeting, organizing, protesting, getting arrested, and becoming Big Oil’s biggest threat.

Oct 2012

The Gumbo Chronicles

Just months after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, British Petroleum declared the recovery a success, and the Gulf of Mexico’s fisheries were opened for business. But after cooking up a locally-sourced gumbo, something doesn't quite taste right.

Apr 2012

Heart of Dark Chocolate

Beer is the Dom Perignon of the Amazon. The surest way to get everyone’s attention is to show up with an obscene amount. We had everyone’s attention.

Sep 2010