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Giving Everest the Bird

High-altitude helicopters on Mount ­Everest and other Nepalese peaks has transformed search-and-­rescue and saved lives. But the choppers have also ­added to the chaos at the top of the world—and introduced a deadly new brand of danger.

May 2012

Something Happened

Sending Jon Krakauer to Everest was my idea. After the news broke, I spent the better part of a day wondering if I’d put him in a frozen grave.

Aug 2006
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Up in the Air

A few hopeful Israeli and Palestinian conservationists are tracing a new path along the flyways and wildlife corridors of the Jordan Valley—and rediscovering an ancient road map that leads from terror to peace.

Jan 2004

Because It’s Still There

A new wave of adventurers makes the case that the world has much left to offer.

Sep 2001

Super-Fat Days, Coma Nights, and the Quest for Tearjerker Footy

A tight crew of out-of-bounds crazies has been working overtime to turn the snow-flick world upside down with its relentlessly spectacular reels. Is it art or is it ski porn?

Nov 1999

Base Camp Confidential

An oral history of Everest’s endearingly dysfunctional village.

Apr 2001

One Small Step for Man. One Giant Leap for Middle-Aged Science Geeks and Chubby Real Estate Agents Everywhere

Three regular guys prepare to venture into orbit in a helium balloon. And thus is Amended the Grand Roll of Space Heroes: Shepard. Glenn. Armstrong—and Dave, John, and Bob.

Dec 1998

Reinhold Don’t Care What You Think

A quarter-century after he changed everything by summiting Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, Reinhold Messner is looking fit, feeling adventurous, and acting about as mellow as a snapping turtle.

Oct 2002
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Is Just Like Amerika!

Go east, American friend, and discover why hordes of weekend hobos, lawmen, cowboys, and Indians are searching for the Wild and Crazy West in the woods of the Czech Republic.

Nov 2000

Facing the Fall Line

When Stephen Koch set out to snowboard the insanely steep Hornbein Couloir on Everest, he knew he might die trying. He chose life.

Mar 2004

Across the Great Rift

To a young Masai who gave up his birthright for the hustle and blare of Nairobi, a journey to the pure heart of Masailand offers a vision of what he left behind—and a glimpse of his people’s fearful future.

Mar 2002

And Nau for Something Completely Different

A new apparel maker opening for business in January is chasing a revolutionary concept: that customers actually give a damn about sustainable products. Will anyone buy their good intentions?

Feb 2007

Mr. Sunset Rides Again

In the nearly four decades since Jeff Hakman first rocketed down the face of a 20-foot wave, he’s been on a dazzling and harrowing journey. Hop on for a tale of glory, spectacular wipeouts, and the resurrection of surfing’s soul.

Apr 2000

The Economic Case Against Keystone XL

Recently, the argument for the Keystone XL pipeline has been framed as the economy versus the environment. The author takes a hard look at the job creation numbers and calculates a different reality.

Oct 2011

Sugar Daddy

Kris Freeman has a shot at nordic gold—if he can find his sweet spot.

Feb 2006

It’s Not Getting Any Colder

You bought a hybrid. That’s swell. Now how about we all get down to business?

Feb 2008

Cross-Country Ski Your Way to Shining Health, Renewed Vigor, and Everlasting Happiness!

Life got you down? Feeling morose, slaggardly, low on essence? Ah, dear friend, you need the curative powers contained within a pair of skinny racing planks (and, OK, 12 months of diligent effort).

Feb 1999

Mr. Natural

Forget the creepy promise of techno-longevity. Instead, take our advice: Live fast, die hard, and leave behind a worn-out, used-up, good-looking corpse.

May 2003

Best Kept Wild: Roaming New Zealand

The helicopter ride to a luxury resort was undeniably sweet. But for Peter Heller, the greatest thing about New Zealand’s South Island was kayaking down a surly river with an old paddling buddy, in a country that’s still unbelievably pristine.

Aug 2013

We Fell into a Burning Ring of Fire

Eight friends. Four volcanoes. Nine days. A primer on self-guided ski mountaineering.

Mar 2001

Webb 2.0

Alan Webb’s stronger, fitter, and nearly six seconds faster than he was in 2001, when he smashed Jim Ryun’s high school mile record. Will Beijing finally bring America’s star runner the glory we’ve been waiting for?

Jul 2008

Unnatural Disaster

Hundreds of wilderness experts rushed to Ground Zero—and found a maddening, hellish new frontier.

Jan 2002

Sniff the Granite, Grasshopper

Summiting America’s Matterhorn may not be easy, but that lingering smell alone is worth the effort.

Jun 1996

Nasty Monkey Bites! Sneezing At Tigers! Stiff Upper Lips! (Crikey!)

The intrepid travels and incredible tales of Col. John Blashford-Snell, explorer.

Jan 2002