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Who’s Smiling Now?

The author tests the fun of the new.

By Exclusive

Everything I Need to Know About Manners, I Learned in Bed

Forget Emily Post. The author makes politeness sexy.

Maybe It Happened

Or maybe it didn’t.

The Longest Night

All the way across town, driving and holding her in the passenger seat with one hand, I think to myself, Don’t think.

What Makes Elizabeth Run?

She doesn’t agree with her husband on every issue. She doesn’t hesitate to say so publicly. And she doesn’t walk away from a fight. Elizabeth Edwards might just be the most refreshing political spouse since Eleanor Roosevelt.

How Men Really Feel About Breast Implants

Though they’re nothing like the real thing, implants can add more romance to a relationship—inside and outside of the bedroom.

Good Tithings

The Bible tells us to tithe. It never adds: “Thou shalt not whine about it.” The author discovers the pleasure inside the pain.

Reading: A Love Story

Books populate our aloneness, transport us to other areas and other places, and give us face time with characters (Scout Finch! Jay Gatsby! Isabel Archer!) who seem more real than a lot of the people we know.

Finding Ashton

Following my restless heart to Afghanistan, I discovered one young soldier who changed my life. A story of friendship, love, and war.

There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby!

What would happen if instead of chiplike things, frozen “treats,” and other foods not found in nature, the author tried reasonable amounts of the real thing? Steak. Cheese. Full-fat ice cream. A month after accepting the challenge, she weighs in.

The Truest Eye

The legendary Toni Morrison sits down with Pam Houston to discuss the beginning (Ohio), the middle (her revolutionary first novels), and her latest (the magisterial Love).

A One-Man International Aid Organization

Traveling the world donating clothing, wheelchairs, books, and chickens (when he’s not laying bricks, building wells, and planting trees), Barton Brooks is giving without borders.

The Long Road Home

With combat operations officially over in Iraq, one soldier’s story reveals the huge job of healing that still lies ahead.

Home for the Holidays

She’ll be home for Christmas—you can count on that. But whose home? Her mother’s? Her father’s? Her stepmother’s? Her grandparents’? Her boyfriend’s? The author confronts the now-classic holiday question.

Abby Sunderland’s Fateful Voyage

While other 16-year-old girls thought about prom night, Abby Sunderland had a different dream: To become the youngest person to ever circle the globe without stopping, alone on a 40-foot sailboat. Is this the story of a brilliant adventure—or really shoddy parenting?

By Exclusive

You Think You’re Tired?

There’s ordinary, everyday tired. And then there’s dizzy, feverish, might-as-well-be-dead tired (the chronic fatigue syndrome that caused Laura Hillenbrand to write much of her best-seller Seabiscuit in bed). But tired or supertired, the point is, it’s not all in your head.

100 Dollars and a Dream

Turning a modest gift into a dynamic little nonprofit, 28 scholarships, dozens of changed lives, and counting …

I Was a 51-Year-Old Desk Muffin

After 23 years at a computer, she’d chalked up five novels, one Pulitzer, and 19 extra pounds, all wadded around her middle.

C Is for Courage, Not Cancer

Even for a reporter who made a living dodging bullets in war zones, cancer was the most terrifying thing she could imagine.

The Breast Cancer Nobody Is Talking about

One virulent, fast-acting type of breast cancer attacks more than twice as many young black women as all other women.

Love Traps 101

How did you find him, the guy who pushes all your wrong buttons? An amazingly effective new therapy just might transform what we think about when we think about love.

She’s So Fine!

Cynthia Nixon did it. Lindsay Lohan’s doing it. TV shows are based on it. Is it our imaginations, or are wives and girlfriends ditching their men and falling in love with other women? New science says that sexuality is more fluid than we thought.

What Happened to Brooke Astor?

An icon in rags. A family at war. Meryl Gordon tells how she got the story.

Call from the Future

What we need to do to stop global warming.