New York

Up, Up, and Away!

At the Draper University of Heroes, tech-world hopefuls are taught to think big, bold, and purposeful—to dream in order to walk. Only then will they be prepared for Silicon Valley’s more mundane reality.

Aug 2013

True Colors?

Mike Nichols—who’s known both Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton—put all he has learned about sex and power politics into Primary Colors. John Travolta gave it his Clinto-esque best. So should Ken Starr call off his investigation?

Mar 1998

On to the Derby

“… For a jockey, Seattle Slew is the kind of horse you wait a career for, the horse you dream about from your first gallop …”

May 1977

A New Yorker By Design

Why fashion’s most imitated designer decided to move his headquarters from Vienna to Manhattan—and then promptly upset the way business has always been done here.

Jul 1998

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the Present Tense

How the actress made her transformational turn on Veep.

Dec 2013

The Kids Are All Right

In Paris this summer, two British upstarts, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, thumbed their noses at an outraged fashion Establishment—weaving fury and fantasy into haute couture.

Aug 1997

42 Minutes with Harry Shearer

As the Mississippi rises, the man of many funny voices talks about his dead-serious documentary on the Army Corps of Engineers.

May 2011

The Entertainer

Suddenly, the Reverend Al Sharpton, with an assist from Saturday Night Live and a new reality show, is a crossover hit.

Oct 2004

Join a Brownstone Shtetl

Judaism takes hold in secular Brooklyn … by taking cues from Orthodox Brooklyn.

Oct 2007

Pursuing Self-Interest in Harmony With the Laws of the Universe and Contributing to Evolution Is Universally Rewarded

The billion-dollar aphorisms of Ray Dalio, who built the world’s biggest hedge fund by running it like a cult.

Apr 2011

The Grateful Near-Dead.

How a heart attack—and subsequent shocking onstage episodes—gave a punk-rocker, the Giraffes’ Aaron Lazar, a new lease on life.

Jun 2009

In Conversation: Barney Frank

On the eve of his departure from Washington, the candid, caustic Massachusetts congressman talks with about Jon Stewart, Newt Gingrich, Tip O’Neill, Hillary Clinton, Fannie and Freddie …

Apr 2012

The Sins of the Coach

Bob Oliva was a beloved mentor and local Catholic-high-school basketball legend. Now two former players say he was also a child molester.

Mar 2011

Oracle of the Hardwood

The last great (and good) basketball scout.

Jun 2010

Does Debra Winger Still Have Legs?

Whatever happened to the sexy Hollywood bad girl who starred in An Officer and a Gentleman, Urban Cowboy, and Terms of Endearment?

Feb 2002

The Impresario of Smut

At The Box, Simon Hammerstein’s louche cabaret, a spectacular cocktail of class and crass has started to curdle.

Nov 2008

Gangster Surf

Can Bobby Vaughn, a Californian with a shady past, turn Rockaway locals into professional surfers?

Jul 2009

The Wind River Range, Wyoming

Death-defying hikes, snowcapped vistas, and not a BlackBerry in sight.

May 2005

No Business Like Shvo Business

He’s the most successful young real-estate broker in New York—which is only one reason he’s the most loathed.

Apr 2005

Revolution in Tights

With the launch of the first major company since City Ballet, Christopher Wheeldon is upending the ballet establishment.

Oct 2007

Coogan’s Bluff

The British comedian isn’t a dour S.O.B. He just plays one on TV.

Jun 2011

The Relatable Fury of TV’s Incredible Hulk

How Bill Bixby’s portrayal of the tormented Bruce Banner helped me process my own abuse.

Jul 2013

The Blockbuster Effect

Some finale, huh? On the arc of Osama bin Laden, and how our need to see the world through stories shapes the way those stories end.

May 2011
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The Baronessa’s Dream

For many New York writers, Beatrice Monti’s Tuscan retreat is paradise—so why would anyone leave early?

Dec 2006