Core of the Problem

The National Ice Core Laboratory tries to answer one question: As the Earth warms, will sea levels rise three feet? Or 30? Or even more?

Dec 2008

The Best Fiscal Stimulus: Trust

How the potent hormone of empathy, oxytocin, is shaking up the field of economics.

Aug 2010

Chicago Charter Schools Aim to Lift Urban Education

The University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute runs charter schools and uses innovative practices to provide inner-city children a pathway to college.

Aug 2011

Making a Market for Kidneys

Using game theory and market-design software, doctors are arranging kidney-transplant “swaps”—sometimes in long chains—to give more people with renal disease better transplant options and healthier futures.

Mar 2009

Solar Showdown

Big money, big energy and big environmentalism join forces to support big solar energy projects on federal land in the Southwest. But could these “green” projects actually be anti-environmental boondoggles in the making?

Apr 2011

A Mind of Crime

How brain-scanning technology is redefining criminal culpability.

Feb 2010

The Physics of Terror

After studying four decades of terrorism, Aaron Clauset thinks he’s found mathematical patterns that can help governments prevent and prepare for major terror attacks. The U.S. government seems to agree.

Dec 2010

The U.N.’s Death Squad Watchdog

With few resources but the force of his title—U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions—Philip Alston holds governments accountable for the politically motivated killings they commit, or ignore.

Jun 2010

California’s Delta Water Blues

Can California build the new water system experts say it needs—before an earthquake brings the levees down?

Jan 2011

The Ancestor Hunter

The University of Arizona’s Michael Hammer is using advanced DNA techniques to figure out where we came from. Which, apparently, is not just one place, or even one species.
Aug 2009

Social Scientists under Fire

How anthropology and other social sciences are transforming the American way of war in Afghanistan.

Feb 2010