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Sifting through misreports and chasing new leads, the author pieces together a theory on how Steve Fossett, one of history’s most accomplished aviators, simply disappeared.

Jan 2008

Gerry the Sinner, Gerry the Saint

Gerard Butler is a foul-mouthed rake who bangs everything in sight. Gerard Butler is a charming, unpretentious guy who is irresistibly huggable! Movie critics abhor him. But audiences love him! And you don't know the half of it.

Apr 2010

The Wetsuit Revolution

Two unlikely entrepreneurs are transforming cold-water surfing.

Mar 2012

Obsession, Thy Name is Porsche

When the author decided he had to own a certain vintage sports car, his pursuit quickly devolved into an all-consuming odyssey. One man’s dark, twisted tale of desire.

Mar 2011

How to Take a Year Off

Always dreamed of chucking it all, but didn't think it was possible? Good news: Taking a year off to sail, trek, or see the world is not only a fantasy worth fulfilling—it could even be great for your career.

Jul 2005

The Great Hawaiian Traverse

Seven million tourists will visit Hawaii this year. But as the author and his ill-prepared buddy learned on a crossing of the two biggest islands—by bike and on foot—the native vibe endures.

Jul 2007

Robert Redford: The Sundance Kid Rides Again

He’s lived all over the world, but Robert Redford always comes back to the one place he still calls home: Sundance, Utah. Its pristine beauty is the key to understanding this American icon’s lifelong love affair with the American west.

Apr 2005

Aconcagua: Everyman’s Everest

Though it's the second-highest of the seven summits, 22,834-foot Aconcagua is also one of the most accessible. Doubt that? Tim Sohn managed to summit on willpower, Kool-Aid, and, okay, yeah, a little help from the best in the business.

Mar 2009

Raid on Killing Cove

Every year in a hidden lagoon in Japan, some 2,000 dolphins are slaughtered in brutal fashion. When a group of celebrities and surfers decided to intervene, with our writer in tow, here’s what happened.

Feb 2008

Redneck, Inc: The Duck Dynasty Story

How a backwoods clan of bearded, gun-happy Louisiana duck hunters became America’s favorite TV family.

Oct 2013

Village Idiots

They’ve sacrificed years to make it to the Olympics. Then, for the two most important weeks of their lives, they’re pent up with 10,000 other tense, fun-deprived athletes. What happens when they all finally let loose?

Aug 2012

Dirtbiking South Africa’s Wild Coast

I tagged along on a quest for adrenline with world-class kayaker (and all-around maniac) Tao Berman.

Mar 2006

Paragliding with Ewan McGregor

The unbelievable exploits of Hollywood’s gentleman explorer.

Jan 2007

Extreme Kashmir

Skiing’s most dangerous frontier.

Nov 2005

The War on Heli-Skiing

Environmental groups are fighting to put an end to a cherished high-mountain activity in the United States. And they’re winning.

Mar 2008
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Man Hunt

For two years, Ramzi Yousef eluded the FBI’s terrorist task force. When he was finally brought down, it was by an old-fashioned act of betrayal. The story of Operation Tradebom, the hunt for the 1993 World Trade Center bomber.

Feb 2002
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Hollywood Babylon

If life were indeed a game, Thomas Henderson’s—crazy with triumphs and reversals and outrageousness—would be a classic.

Nov 2000
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This is a simple story about body armor. Sometimes it's the most important thing in the world.

Feb 1998
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Project Wife

In which one American, armed with a visa, a score card, no small measure of hope, and thirty unpronounceable names plucked from the internet, seeks true happiness.

Dec 2000

The Killing Peak

K2, the world’s second-highest summit, is the true climber’s mountain, more challenging and dangerous than Everest—as the world learned when 11 climbers perished within a span of 30 hours. The inside story of what went wrong.

Oct 2008

Gabo, the Babe and the Mid Ocean Club

On Bermuda, there’s a wonderful, treacherous, wind-swept golf course that my grandfather played for the better part of a century. For him, a good round at Mid Ocean was a metaphor for paradise.

Jun 1992

In Pursuit of Peril

Play with dynamite, explore mines, and bike while high on coca leaf in Bolivia, the new capital of danger tourism.

Nov 2011

Mexico’s Fireworks Capital

Once a year, a village in Mexico explodes with the most intense fireworks party in the world. Ten days, 50 tons of handmade fireworks, and—most years—no one even dies.

Jul 2012

An Unbroken Man

Photojournalist João Silva lost his legs covering the war in Afghanistan. After two years of rehab and more than 70 ­surgeries, he’s racing his Harley and competing in marathons. Now he’s ready to go back to work.

Nov 2012