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Addicted to Antidepressants?

Scores of patients call Paxil, a top-selling antidepressant, their emotional lifesaver. But some say that getting off the drug has been physically torturous. Now they’re asking, Why weren’t we warned?

Apr 2003

Shunned and Scarred for Life

Can the world’s most helpless female outcasts be saved?

Feb 2005
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240 Blind Dates!

As we speak, Helen is already mentally preparing for man number 240. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be the one: her last blind date. But then, she has thought that 239 times before.

Jan 1997
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Two Rapes, Three Victims

After Rebecca Villers and Janet Johnson were raped, a man was arrested, tried and convicted. Five years later, a controversial test showed he couldn’t have committed the crimes.

Mar 1994
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How Far Would You Go to Save Your Health?

When Stacie Sharp’s seizures spun out of control, she signed on for one of the world’s scariest surgeries.

Aug 2004
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What Men Won’t Tell You About Their Bodies

They may claim to be oblivious to the size of their gut and their butt—but don’t fall for it.

Apr 1994
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In Sickness, in Health, in Love

After several blissfully easy years of marriage, my wife was struck with an incurable illness. On our eighteenth Valentine’s day together, a look at how love and commitment survive the toughest times.

Feb 2004
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“The Worst Mistake of My Life”

Chrissy is a smart, vibrant American student. She’s also imprisoned in a third world jail. Here’s how she wound up living a tragic cautionary tale.

Nov 2004
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“We’re Not Speaking”

One minute you’re as close as friends or family can be. Then something gets said, and someone hangs up, and nothing is the same again.

Nov 1998
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The Rapist

He forced more than 60 women to have sex with him, and to this day he believes many of them enjoyed it. A chilling look at how sex offenders think.

Jun 1995
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One Woman’s War on Sexual Slavery

It’s happening everywhere and yes, in ordinary neighborhoods: The forced prostitution of girls as young as 14. Meet Anne Milgram, who’s leading a government team bent on stopping this hidden evil.

Jan 2005
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The Man Who Stole My Life

Hairdresser Kelly Stein thought her cross-dressing customer was harmless. But when he took her name and claimed to be her, she realized she’d been wrong—terrifyingly wrong.

Nov 2005

The Guilty Confessions of Women Who Lie

Sixty percent of women admit they lie on a regular basis—what’s the problem with that? Allow a few major whopper-tellers to explain.

May 2007

My Worst Dating Mistake

Every woman has one guy in her past she can’t believe she went out with. But the author’s bad boy was even badder than most.

Mar 2006

“I Had an Abortion When I Was Six Months Pregnant”

Confronted with desperately ill unborn twins and great risks to her own health, a young woman steps into a political minefield.

Oct 2001

A Hideous Hate Crime

In 1963, four African-American girls were murdered in Birmingham’s Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Now the granddaughter of one of the bombers—and the sisters of a victim—confront Alabama’s racist legacy.

Aug 2000
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A Town of War Widows

Killeen, Texas, has been home to more widows whose husbands lost their lives in the Iraq war than any other place in the United States. These brave women have banded together to share their grief—and to save one another’s lives.

Mar 2008

“They Tried to Cure Me of Being Gay”

At 27, Christine Bakke threw herself into “ex-gay” therapy offered by Christian churches. Now she’s coming out as one of the first women willing to discuss these controversial programs—and why they didn’t work.

Apr 2007