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“We Were Long Gone When He Pulled the Plug”

How Slut Puppy and Master Pimp hacked The New York Times.

Nov 1998

The Death of Privacy

Using only a keyboard and the phone, computer-savvy people can uncover the innermost details of your life.

Nov 1999

Savoring Parma

Soul food, Italian style.

Aug 2011

Amateur Night

Internet mania was just another chapter in America’s long romance with optimism.

Dec 2001

Of Chicks and Frogs

How Hollywood dumbs down movies about cute animals—and misses a chance to teach evolution.

Aug 2006


The Internet is revolutionizing the way we listen to the radio.

Jul 1998

Song Pirates

Sharing and copying music on the Internet is like trading baseball cards, except for one off-key difference: It’s illegal.

Jul 1997

Hacking Bhabha

Breaking into the computers of India’s number one nuclear research center.

Nov 1998

My Two Gardens

Growing a green thumb in Long Island.

May 1991