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Grand Illusion

How Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas changed the world. Or was it just the movies? And is there a difference?

May 1999

The Gospel According to Homer

For prime time’s most accurate and nuanced reflection of real life in contemporary America, tune in to TV’s current crop of cartoons.

Jul 1999

Baaaaad TV

Just because Americans seem willing to watch anything doesn’t mean they’re sheep.

Jan 2000

You are Money

There are two kinds of people who play golf. Those who live for the wager, and those who don’t.

May 2003

To Die For

“They were too much in love to live,” their friends said, which may be all the explanation anybody will ever have for what happened next.

May 1996

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

Saint Andy was right: We’ve all become famous. But “reality TV” isn’t the end of the world. It’s the very essence of the small screen.

May 2003

Sofia Vergara Is a Woman We Love

Our favorite TV wife, of Modern Family, talks to us (over coffee), talks to you (via Twitter), delighting all of us (in general)—with video (and horticulture!).

Sep 2010

The Off-Season

Everything’s frozen. Cards are what we do instead.

Mar 2001
By Editors Recommend

The Accidental Martyr

They were two sailors on an uneasy ship. One became a killer, the other his victim. What drew them together on an autumn night was rooted long ago in a fear and revulsion that still haunts the American psyche.

Dec 1993

The Feminine Physique

Suddenly, women are making more macho sports movies than men.

Jul 2000
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Rape in the Animal Kingdom

Nov 2012

The Last Great Golf Course in America

Great architecture isn’t always shown through metal beams or shopping malls. Sometimes, it emerges along Oregon’s coast after a brush fire paves its way.

Jun 2001

The Meltdown

Reflections on a round gone to hell.

Oct 2000

The Troubles

Golf in Ireland is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Until you go back.

Dec 2000

There Are No Stupid Questions

Prime-time game shows reveal just how scared we all are of the dark.

Sep 2000

Onward Kirsten Soldiers

Does your appreciation of Kirsten Dunst and the rest of today’s incredibly talented, massively sexy (and underaged) crop of actresses make you a little, um, uncomfortable? Oh, grow up.

Nov 2001

David Duchovny is Annoyed

David Duchovny is not really a television star. He just plays one on TV.

May 1999

How the Grinch Stole Carrey

The dominant comic actor of our time has a little problem.

Dec 2000

Winter Rules

The ground is hard, the ball is dead. Let’s play eighteen.

Feb 2000

The Last Manservant

Bruce Wayne had Alfred. Bertie had Jeeves. You? You can have a caddie.

Mar 2000

The Problem with Playing Santa

It’s all about how the costume fits.

Dec 2011

How to Be a Sweet-Talker

Or, rather: How to get free upgrades to first class, get second looks from attractive women, and dominate people with your silver tongue, you ol’ smoothie, you.

Nov 2008
By Exclusive

Taking a Powder

What kind of man abandons his wife and child and takes off on a wicked spree of wild women, low company, and masculine urges? Here’s a better question: What kind of man does not?

Feb 1995
By Exclusive

Inward, Ho!

Imagine two days of intensive psychodrama, an assault of drumming and grieving that causes you to weep without knowing why. Imagine twenty-three middle-class spiritual searchers naked in a room, dancing, moaning, mourning … But for what?

Oct 1991