Albert Brooks Knows the Whole, Hellish Truth

Saddam Hussein is training kamikaze pilots, and the spicy gumbo looks suspiciously fattening. What, you think that’s funny?

Sep 1999

Please Stand by While the Age of Miracles Is Briefly Suspended

How the president is trying to kill my daughter.

Aug 2004
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Say Hello to Rick Ross

1980: Crack was just turning up in the United States. The contras were seeking funds to support their civil war in Nicaragua. And an L.A. kid was looking for an opportunity. The combination would change America.

Oct 2013

The Hardest Thing to Do in Space

… is land on something. Tom Rivellini and his NASA team, who specialize in that, put the Curiosity rover on Mars with their mind-boggling sky crane. Now they’re on to the next thing, which is even bolder.

Dec 2012

.44 Something

God, guns, and gangsters made American movies great. How HBO’s The Sopranos has reinvigorated a tired genre.

Jun 1999

Back to the “Terminator”

The Reagan-era fantasy of using time travel to fix our world-threatening mistakes has new legs in the era of Bush.

Aug 2003

The Next Francis Ford Coppola is …

No, we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Reconsidering the inimitable career of a maligned master.

Mar 2000

The Oval Box Office

The state of the Hollywood-Washington union.

Nov 1999

Viewers Like Who?

Highbrow stunts won’t save PBS.

Jun 2000


Hollywood has figured out how to make all of its worst impulses seem laudable. It’s called history.

Oct 2000

Where the Live Record Went to Die

We never stopped listening; the concerts just got bad.

Aug 2011

Defending the Faith

Dogma is just the latest reminder that one man’s sacrament is another man’s heresy.

Dec 1999

What I’ve Learned: God

Creator/ruler, immortal, the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven.

Dec 2001

Christina Ricci, Little Miss Sunshine

“I’m immature. I’m very insecure. I tend to always question everything I say and do.”

Feb 2007

Bray Without Ceasing

After years of jockeying for position, who’s finally inherited Cronkite’s mantle? Brokaw? Jennings? Rather? Guess again.

Feb 1999

Let’s Play Two

Thirty-six holes gives the finger to a world that constantly tells you golf is a luxury you can’t afford.

Feb 2001

Denzel’s Martyr Complex

Is he too good for his own good?

Feb 2000

1998: Bill Clinton and the Year America Changed

It was a big year for Osama bin Laden. And for the impeachment of a president. But if Clinton's enemies hadn't been so determined to remove him from office, might September 11 be just another date on the calendar?

Oct 2013

On Saying No

Not “No, thanks.” Not “nope.” Just “no.” Clear, unambiguous, empowering “no.” But not in a mean way.

May 2008

Old White Guy TV

It’s the end of the world as they show it.

Sep 1999

The Daunting Guy

Leading up to the 2004 election, the author discussed Meet the Press’s Tim Russert and his trademark aggressive interview style. A look back, now that the famed newsman has died.

Jun 2008

Moore is Less

She’s the most beautiful, most talented actress Hollywood has not made a star. Hannibal probably won’t help her out.

Mar 2001

Grand Illusion

How Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas changed the world. Or was it just the movies? And is there a difference?

May 1999

The Gospel According to Homer

For prime time’s most accurate and nuanced reflection of real life in contemporary America, tune in to TV’s current crop of cartoons.

Jul 1999