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Return to Power

Bats of backstop guys are more at the forefront than any time since Gerald Ford.

Eat, Drink, and Hail Mary

What happens when a common fan works at an uncommon sports bar during the craziest week of the year? Pure madness.

The Authenticators

When a rare jacket turns up at auction, how do you know it’s the real deal? See how one pro makes his case.

Sisters in Arms

A He-Man’s sport turned Nicole Cisco’s life around. Now she wants other women to step up to the table.

A Match Made in Heaven

Born-again wrestling legend Ted DiBiase is saving souls. One smackdown at a time.

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Hot out of the Box

Carl Edwards has just what Nascar wants: looks, smarts and charm. It doesn’t hurt that he can also drive.

At the Corner of Love and Basketball

A star-crossed relationship unravels in a crime of passion.

Over Here

Sure, David Beckham went from premier league prodigy to global pop star, but can he make soccer matter in America?


In Spain, Pau Gasol is as big as Elvis. In Memphis, he’s getting there.

My Son Is Better …

If you don’t think Jerron Love is the perfect guard, his dad will find someone who does.

All Grown Up

Mario Chalmers’ biggest opponent? His dad.

The Magical, Implausible, Incredible, Fantastical Ride of Victor Cruz

Forget how the Giants wide receiver saved your season after you plucked him off the waiver wire. The real fantasy is what has happened to him since.

Resolutions for 2011

The Look of Love

Maria Sharapova is the new face of tennis. Can she avoid being the same old cautionary tale?

Defining Danica

NASCAR star Danica Patrick knows exactly what she’s doing. You got a problem with that?

Kevin Can Wait

Durant doesn’t need the NBA to blow minds. But the NBA sure needs him.

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The History and Mystery of the High Five

A timeless gesture, but someone went up top first. That’s where it gets complicated.

The All-Disappointing EPL Team

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Would-be draftee Tony Washington’s NFL future is being derailed by his sad past.

The Selling of Candace Parker

She’s the total package: your sister’s pal, your brother’s prom date, supermom-to-be. She’s also an MVP—of a league few watch. So can Candace Parker be the female Jordan? Lots of folks are banking on it.

Please Don’t Remain Calm

In this season of boos, controversy and heartbreak, Adrian Peterson’s angst runs deep. Good thing his ambition does, too.

Just Another Lonely Millionaire Skateboarder

Reality TV star. Budding biz mogul. Teen skate great. Heading into X Games XIV, triple threat Ryan Sheckler leads a pack of action athletes redefining stardom.

Now Comes the Hard Part

David Garrard played his way into the elite-QB club last season. But can the NFL’s newest $60 million man make Jacksonville care about the Jags?

This Guy Scares You?

The fastest-rising star in the world’s most controversial sport, Chuck Liddell has frightened a lot of opponents-including old-school sports guys. Not bad for someone who paints his toenails.