How Rebel Wilson is Reinventing the TV It Girl

The bawdy, blond comedic genius is rewriting the rules of network television with her new sitcom, Super Fun Night.

Sep 2013

The Case for Camp

TV so bad it’s good.

Jan 2014

There’s Something About Kerry

For years she’s been Hollywood’s best-kept secret. Now, with a hit TV show and a rare comic turn in theaters, Kerry Washington is finally settling into the star she’s always been.

Jun 2013

High Infidelity

Bradley Cooper plays such an appealing rake that it’s hard to resist being into him.

Jan 2009
By Exclusive

Killer Stiller

While we’ve been laughing at him all this time, he has been on a top-secret, 20-year mission: Tropic Thunder. When this baby drops, Hollywood won’t know what hit ’em—and Ben Stiller will be Da Bomb.

Aug 2008

The New Charm School

Mystery—a maestro of the pickup artist scene—has cracked the code of getting a woman to yes, yes, yes. But can his choreographed come-ons really give men what they want?

May 2003

Enemies: A Love Story

What if notorious literary foes Mary McCarthy and Lillian Hellman had buried the hatchet? Nora Ephron’s Broadway debut imagines her heroes making up in the afterlife.

Dec 2002

Why Her and Not Me?

The seasoned journalist was supposed to be the one held hostage in Somalia, but an inexperienced young freelancer was captured instead. A story of one woman’s survival in the most brutal of circumstances—and one man’s survivor guilt.

Sep 2013

In Praise of Older Men

The author finds that with her own generation stuck in extended adolescence, she much prefers the company of older men. Until she doesn’t…

Aug 2013

The Lover

Javier Bardem will have you screaming for amor.

Jul 2010

The Graduate

In his movies, Zac Efron majors in seduction, advancing from learning curve to learning curves.

Apr 2009

La Vida Loba

A girlhood friend grows up to reinvent herself as a howling she-wolf.

Apr 2009

When Sex Becomes Unsexy

Girls, Fifty Shades of Grey, sexting, porn—in this erotically charged moment, the author wonders: Whatever happened to great sex?

Oct 2012

The Rapture

Dries Van Noten’s talent for mixing prints and relaxed silhouettes inspires feverish passion among the women who wear his clothes. After a visit to his studio in Antwerp, the author discovers why he’s the master of modern elegance.

Aug 2011

I Dream of Holly (And Bridget, and Kendra)

Falling under the spell of the Hugh Hefner extravaganza.

May 2007

My Boy Friend

He’s gay, I love him, but I’m not in love with him. Get over it. The author puts a bullet in the fag hag.

Sep 2011

Brilliant Monsters

Creative geniuses often affirm that no sacrifice is too great for art.

Nov 2008

Where You Beene?

Geoffrey Beene creates fashion that wears its brain on its sleeve.

Feb 2011

The Rationalist

Could Derek Lam become the next great American designer?

Feb 2009

Just Like Us!

Everyone knows that Madame Bovary is a classic novel, but have you ever considered how much you share with its yearning, adulterous, and, yes, fashion-loving protagonist?

Oct 2010

Formerly Known as What’s-His-Name’s Sister

Though Martha Wainwright has never achieved the fame of brother Rufus, dad Loudon, and mother Kate McGarrigle, her angry, pleading, often wickedly funny lyrics have earned her a passionate female audience. And oh, that voice.

May 2011

Can Singles Live Happily Ever After?

With the rise in Americans living alone has come a surge of cultural chatter about the manifest wonders of the unaccompanied state. The solo-flying author questions the new conventional wisdom.

Apr 2012
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By Editors Recommend

Sustainable Losses

The incredibly sensitive boyfriend and the third greatest quarterback of all time.

Sep 2000

“I Love You, You Smell Nice”

On falling in love—forever—with the scent of a woman.

Oct 2011