Frozen Siberian Mummies Reveal a Lost Civilization

Global warming may finally do in the bodies of the ancient Scythians.

Jul 2008

Ready When You Are

Now a woman can store her eggs and conceive a baby in her sixties.

Oct 2005

The Discover Interview: Francis Collins

The head of the Human Genome Project is a devout Christian and true believer in stem cell research.

Feb 2007

Double-Edged Genes

In a remote corner of Ecuador, doctors researching a rare form of dwarfism make a startling discovery: People who inherit the genetic defect may be immune to cancer and other diseases.

Apr 2013

Outsourced Boredom

Technology isn’t ending mind-numbing work—it’s moving it across the world.

Feb 2007

Too Clear for Comfort

The increased detail of HDTV may decrease our viewing pleasure.

Oct 2006

What You Can Learn from Zombie Movies

With lessons on science, consumerism, and the soul, a truly educational genre.

Aug 2007

Anything Could Happen

There are no rules at the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Nov 1993

Seeds of Conflict

Genetically modified corn and soy dominate U.S. farms, but activist raids have kept Europe GMO-free. The fight over the next Green Revolution has just begun.

Apr 2013

Egypt’s Ancient Fleet

An ancient harbor on the Red Sea proves ancient Egyptians mastered oceangoing technology and launched a series of ambitious expeditions to far-off lands.

Jun 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

A new theory suggests that the thick forests that we think of as wild may actually be an effect of human settlement.

Mar 2010

Earth’s Last Unexplored Wilderness: Your Very Own Home

Biologists are starting to explore the woolly ecosystems in our homes and hospitals, and figuring out how they can make us sick or keep us healthy.

Jul 2012

The Mathematics of Terrorism

Seemingly random attacks contain an unexpected regularity: the same numerical pattern seen in Wall Street booms and busts.

Jul 2010
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In the Beginning Was the Tooth

Paleontologists are eating away at the mystery of conodonts.

Jan 1993
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Peeling the Big Blue Banana

By boring through 30 million years’ worth of Earth’s sediments, geologists get new data on very old weather.

Jan 1992
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Getting There Is Half the Fun

The technological problems behind teleportation.

Jan 1994
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Back to the Sea

Some species struggled to adapt to life on land for millions of years, only to have their evolutionary descendants be taken with the tide once more.

Jan 1995
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The Kuwait oil fires spark predictions of dire health and environmental conditions to come in the Gulf.

Jan 1992
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The Long, Ongoing Dream of Undersea Colonies

In Key Largo, aquanauts roam the reefs and a cadre of true believers design new outposts for life in the deep.

Jun 2012
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Flake of Silicon

At a recent test of machine intelligence, it was deception, not brains, that won the day.

Mar 1992
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Perfect Gibberish

Quantum physics doesn’t make sense—never did and never will. That’s why cryptographers love it.

Sep 1992


If a scientist stands in the way of 150 tons of snow crashing down a mountain at 50 mph, can he figure out why it let loose and when it will again?

Dec 1999

Chain Reaction: From Einstein to the Atomic Bomb

He begat the project but was then shut out for being a perceived security risk.

Mar 2008

No Mere Genius

100 years ago, Albert Einstein rocked our universe—and we’re still reeling.

Sep 2004