A Killing at Dawn

A mother wolf and a mother elk face off as new life meets sudden death in Yellowstone’s vibrant spring.

Mar 2000

Selling the Wind

Wind power is pollution-free, combats global warming, and is a boon to small farmers. The biggest drawback—its lethal impact on birds and bats—is driving creative ways to ensure that this fast-growing energy source can coexist with wildlife.

Sep 2006

Balance of Power

Green energy isn’t necessarily harmless. But new efforts are under way to site renewable energy projects and transmission lines outside unspoiled landscapes and wildlife habitat.

May 2010

Coast Guard

Audubon Texas’s coastal wardens have been safeguarding the magnificent birds that live, breed, and nest on 80 islands on the Texas Gulf Coast. If the recent oil spill reaches them, they’re apt to confront it with guile and grit.

Jul 2010
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Caring for the Woods

Cultivating a connection with the land means thinking beyond its value for humans.

Mar 1995

Clearing the Air

The near-disaster in New York City highlighted the danger birds can pose to airliners. Happily, a combination of common sense and cutting-edge technology is helping keep birds and people aloft.

May 2009
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Leaving civilization behind for the wilds of Oregon, only to find it all over again.

Jul 1973
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The Passing of the Night

Finding substance in the dark hours.

Jan 1975

Fork in the Road

Today organic foods seem as mainstream as frozen waffles, but the United States still lags far behind Europe. It’s time for Washington to give the industry a jolt.

Mar 2011

Work Plan

Maytag’s departure left a small Iowa town’s economy reeling. Today, however, workers are building wind machines instead of washing machines, and validating studies about the enormous potential of green-collar jobs.

Jul 2009

The Wal-Mart Effect

By stocking its shelves with affordable organic foods, the world’s largest retailer is about to prove that what’s good for the company is good for the planet and consumers. Or is it?

May 2007

Crude Awakening

Right here in North America could lie the answer to our energy needs. But at what cost? Mining the tar sands of Alberta threatens to strip the world’s largest intact forest of its ability to hold carbon and to wipe out the breeding grounds for millions of birds.

Mar 2010

Facing the Future

While environmental groups often work toward preserving biodiversity in ecosystems, many are now grappling with trying to figure out how to diversify their own ranks.

Sep 2011

The Big Flap

An embattled biologist has dedicated years to teaching trumpeter swans, the earth’s largest waterfowl, the migration route he believes they once took to the Atlantic Coast. Still, he has yet to convince his critics, who feel that money and time could be better spent on worthier projects.

May 2005