Final Cut

By filming my father’s death, I hoped to bring our troubled relationship into focus.

Jun 2006

The Gift of Gil

Scores of Denverites have opened their lives to an autistic man named Gilbert Carpinelli with the hope of helping him out. In the end, it may be Gilbert who’s actually helped them.

Feb 2008

Your Tiny Problem

Oh, I’m sorry. Do my little dogs make you uncomfortable?

Aug 2006

A Leg to Stand On

Ralph Green is more than your average “ghetto fabulous” paralympic skier.

Dec 2006
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Out in the Cold

They are America’s Cold War veterans. And they bravely endured years of radiation at Rocky Flats nuclear facility for a country that pledged to care for them. Instead, government loopholes are making sure those promises aren’t kept.

Nov 2007

Project Taylor

At age 18, cyclist Taylor Phinney is a good bet to medal in Beijing. But more important than any Olympic hardware for the Boulder prodigy is the fact that, after radical surgery to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, his dad—the legendary Davis Phinney—is back in the saddle.

Jul 2008
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Something Good

Every time the cosmos threw us together, we found a way to avoid love. Until we both believed we deserved it.

Feb 2009

The Australian Shepherd Is from: A) Australia, B) England, C) Spain, D) None of the Above

The truth about how one of the smartest, most versatile dogs in the world came to be in Colorado.

Feb 2012