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Lifeboat No. 8

The No. 1 New York Times bestselling story of one of the first lifeboats to leave the Titanic. A vivid re-creation of that cold, calm night a century ago.

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I Hope Like Heck

A collection of hilarious—dare we say profound?—poems created from the e-mails of the Belle of Wasilla, Sarah Palin.

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The Death Class

An exclusive excerpt from Erika Hayasaki’s book about an extraordinary nurse who teaches a popular college “death class” whose lesson—despite trips to cemeteries, morgues, and crematoriums—is really about how to get the most out of life.

Jan 2014
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The Murders at the Lake

In 1982 a brutal triple homicide shook the city of Waco and soon became one of the most confounding criminal cases in Texas history—one that still haunts the many people who have tried to solve it.

Apr 2014
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The Ghost of Saint Kurt

Romanticized, ripped off, and never quite forgotten, Kurt Cobain still haunts us like no other rock star.

Apr 2004
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Any time now, San Francisco is due for another massive earthquake. What might happen when that deadly day arrives? A worst-case scenario.

Mar 2014

Joel Stein Has Four Accountants

Adventures in tax preparation.

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Yahoo’s Geek Goddess

In the wake of Marissa Mayer’s jump from Google—where her dazzle sometimes wore thin—to run the struggling Yahoo, the author asks whether she will be its savior or its next big problem. A year and a half in, the results are mixed.

Jan 2014
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Everyone's Reading Bastard

Only a storyteller like Hornby—a virtuoso at love gone wrong—could deliver such a rollicking tale of an average guy trying to survive an ex’s wrath gone viral.

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The Living and the Dead

Winner of the 2013 Michael Kelly Award. Iraq War veteran Brian Mockenhaupt tells the gripping true story of three soldiers who try to cheat death daily in Afghanistan.

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The Boy Who Heard Too Much

He was a 14-year-old blind kid, angry and alone. Then he discovered that he possessed a strange and fearsome superpower—one that put him in the cross hairs of the FBI.

Sep 2009
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Upward Fragility

For five motivated young men from DuSable High School in Chicago, there seemed to be a way up and out. But it takes more than pluck and luck to escape the ghetto.

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Seven Books in Seven Days

How to read like it’s 1999.

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At Your Disposal

The funeral industry prepares for boom times.

Nov 1997

Ad Men at War

When the two hottest agencies in Texas competed for the Southwest Airlines account, the result was a power lesson in the art of persuasion.

Nov 1990
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“We Were Long Gone When He Pulled the Plug”

How Slut Puppy and Master Pimp hacked The New York Times.

Nov 1998

The Pinewood Derby

An exclusive excerpt from the novel A Town of Empty Rooms.

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Farthest North

From the author of the bestselling adventure tale The Darkest Jungle, the incredible, little-known story of America’s first great Arctic expedition.

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The Secret Lives of Stories

Rewriting our personal narratives.

The Trouble with Autobiography

Novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux examines other authors’ autobiographies to prove why this piece will suffice for his.

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The Magician

The world’s best pool player sees shots no one else can.

Mar 2005
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The Visit

Twenty years ago, a family shut a child away. Now the brother opens the door.

Feb 1989
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My Addicted Son

What can you do for a boy who has spent years living for methamphetamine? A father’s story.

The Virus Hunter

HIV, Ebola, and the vast majority of other killer diseases have passed from animals to humans. So Nathan Wolfe is searching for the next AIDS before it makes the leap—and is revolutionizing the way the world tries to control diseases in the process.

Mar 2009

The Lords of Rikers

The juvenile unit of the New York City jail is a survival-of-the-fittest finishing school for the roughest kids in New York. And an upcoming case alleges the guards run the show.

Jan 2011
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Oil, money, cowboys, strippers, and the energy rush that could change America forever. A long, strange journey along the Keystone XL pipeline.

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How New England Can Save the World

These tiny towns show us how we can make use of what’s close at hand in order to thrive in a world that is changing rapidly, both economically and environmentally.

Jan 2010
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“The Worst Mistake of My Life”

Chrissy is a smart, vibrant American student. She’s also imprisoned in a third world jail. Here’s how she wound up living a tragic cautionary tale.

Nov 2004
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Up in the Air

A few hopeful Israeli and Palestinian conservationists are tracing a new path along the flyways and wildlife corridors of the Jordan Valley—and rediscovering an ancient road map that leads from terror to peace.

Jan 2004
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My Long War

What it’s been like reporting a conflict that never seems to end.