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Dividing the Kingdom

Britain produced all kinds of brilliant, talented and original individuals, the author thought, but the best Brits were precisely the ones who could never live there.

Apr 2012
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Cruise Tips for Travelers

How could an inveterate roamer of the world’s back roads and byways, its teeming cities and silent sacred spaces, ever find bliss in the bubble of a cruise?
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Here on Planet Tollywood

For years, Bollywood, India’s Mumbai-based film industry, has been pumping out twice as many movies as Hollywood. But its southern rival, Tollywood is home to the largest studio complex on the planet—Ramoji Film City, a 1,666-acre, 47-soundstage, one-stop production facility in Hyderabad that is one of the country’s top tourist attractions. Pico Iyer explores India’s enduring fascination with epic scale.

Mar 2012
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The Perfect Traveler

He was cool, steady and prone to breaking rules. Pico Iyer celebrates the life and work of Somerset Maugham.
Oct 2009
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The Photographer and the Philosopher

Pico Iyer explores the lives and work of writers Jan Morris and V.S. Naipaul, two “master portraitists” of place.

Apr 2010
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Heroes of the Hot Zone

Ever since the tsunami triggered a meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant last March, Japanese workers—some 18,000 to date—have been heading into the radioactive exclusion zone to work on the cleanup. Pico Iyer trails radiation expert Dr. Robert Gale, a veteran of Chernobyl and nearly every major nuclear disaster since, to learn who these anonymous heroes in HAZMAT suits are, what motivates them, and the danger they calmly accept. In addition, photographer James Nachtwey gets rare portraits of some of these brave workers.

Jan 2012
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Nara: Where Japan Began

If you think of Japan as a land of bullet trains and J-pop in Shinjuku storefronts, come to Nara—a city filled with rolling hills, ancient temples, and 1,200 entitled Bambis roaming its old streets. Pico Iyer reveals the Land of the Rising Sun’s silent, sepia side.

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From Eden to Eton

One boy’s transatlantic education.
Nov 2011
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A Hell on Earth

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Among the Living and the Dead of Angkor Wat

Pico Iyer visits Cambodia’s famed monument and ponders the conundrums of travel-cell phones and ancient spirits, killing fields and champagne breakfasts, beauties past and tragedies present.

Mar 2001
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Leonard Cohen: Several Lifetimes Already

“Nine o’clock,” says Leonard Cohen, “and we’ve had several lifetimes already.” Over a long and brilliant career, the poet and singer has lived many lives already, from essence of hip to celebrated lover to serious Zen man. Pico Iyer on Leonard Cohen’s journey from Suzanne to Sesshin.

Sep 1998
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The Promise of Beauty

Terrence Malick’s brave new worlds.
Sep 2006
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Lost in La Paz

In Bolivia, where the past, present, and future collide, nothing—not even prison—is as it seems.

Mar 2004
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A Monk’s Struggle

Mar 2008
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Experiment in Exile

Aug 2005
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Shadows of Old Araby

Aug 2001
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The Unknown Rebel

Apr 1998
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Into the Heartland

Feb 1998
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A Host of Contradictions

Jun 1996
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The Global Village Finally Arrives

Dec 1993
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Laureate of the Wild

Novelist, naturalist and activist Peter Matthiessen pursues an austere spiritual quest in his life as well as in his writing.
Jan 1993
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Even in Alberto-Ville, Everyman Lives

Mar 1992
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Is It Really That Wacky?

Nov 1991
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Pago Pago, American Samoa: Whose Nation Is This Anyway?

A half Polynesian idyll, half Rotary Club protectorate.
May 1989