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The Future Is Now: Adventures in Advertising

Can technology democratize the celebrity endorsement market?

Aug 2010
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Recharging Detroit

The future of the U.S. car industry hinges on cutting-edge battery technology. Can Motown catch up to the rest of the world?
Apr 2009
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The Digerati!

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A Game Boy in the Cross Hairs

John Romero helped create the hard-core computer games Doom and Quake, and became a hero to “first-person shooter” players everywhere. But after Littleton, he and his world are taking a hit.

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Is the Music Store Over?

The big CD retail chains may have only a few more years before the downloading craze buries them. They can survive, but only by becoming like no store you’ve seen before.

Mar 2004
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Culture Quake

Computer Games like Quake and Doom probably won’t turn your son into a killer. But what is happening to kids raised on the most violent, interactive mass-media entertainment ever devised?

Nov 1999
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Yogis Behaving Badly

For millennia, the intricate techniques of yoga were passed down from teacher to student in a sacred exchange. But today, in the booming yoga industry, it’s (downward-facing) dog-eat-dog.

Sep 2002
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The Card Sharks from Silicon Valley

An unlikely collection of computer jocks and math whizzes have been coming up aces in high-stakes tournament poker, the hottest new spectacle in televised sports.
Nov 2003
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The New Bionic Man

Ossur revolutionized the business of building prosthetic legs, making amputees better, stronger, faster—and itself more profitable.

Aug 2004
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Audible Cranks It Up

An acclaimed writer turned entrepreneur tries to remake the art of storytelling for the digital era—and boost the volume on a huge new market he helped to create. Will his tale have a happy ending?
Feb 2006
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Gold Fever: A Dispatch from the Zone of Contagion

Have you caught gold fever?

Dec 2010
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The Real Information Super Highway

After years of hype and oceans of red ink, the networked car is finally gaining traction—thanks to a visionary company called … General Motors.

May 2004
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Zipcar—The Best New Idea in Business

Zipcar has already persuaded young urbanites to share wheels. Now the movement is going mainstream—and players like Hertz and Ford want in.

Aug 2009
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Dr. Feelbetter

By positing a heretical theory of nutrition, Barry Sears unleashed a multimillion-dollar monster. Now, with his credibility and nest egg hanging in the balance, he’s trying to get his creation back under control.

Sep 1997
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This Is Great! Drink a Little Beer, Play a Little Frisbee, and Save the World!

All rise for Adam Werbach, the Sierra Club’s new 23-year-old president.

Sep 1996
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We Won’t Let Him Hurt You

Everlasting fitness through the painless Socratic method, with help from our favorite answer man.

Feb 1998
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How David Allen Mastered Getting Things Done

The management guru has learned to relax, go with the flow, and market his mysterious elixir of success.
Jun 2007
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Stormy Weather

AccuWeather pioneered the business of forecasting, and for years its outlook was sunny—until the Weather Channel appeared on the horizon. Here’s how AccuWeather lost its lead and what it’s doing to win it back.

Jun 2005
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The Man Who Can Save Advertising

With technology that targets TV ads by neighborhood and even household, Seth Haberman is rescuing the 30-second spot from certain oblivion.
Nov 2004