The Son Rises

How growing up in West Texas made George W. Bush different from his dad.

Jun 1999

Jailhouse Flock

Using ex-cons, ex-junkies, leather-clad bikers, and magicians, Cedar Hill’s Bill Glass Ministries draws prison inmates into the fold.

Oct 1997

Outlaw Blues

With a modem, handcuffs, and a strong right arm, Houston bounty hunter Janis McCollom keeps bail jumpers looking over their shoulders.

Nov 1997

The Sighs of Texas

Why are romance writers—and readers—so in love with our state?

Aug 1998

Never Say Die

When Houston octogenarian Miller Quarles offered $100,000 to anyone who could find a cure for aging, he was called a crackpot. Not anymore.

Dec 1997

96 Minutes

On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman committed America’s first mass murder in a public place. Here’s what happened, in the words of over three dozen people who got shot, fired back, lost loved ones, saved lives by risking their own.

Aug 2006
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The Innocent Man, Part One

On August 13, 1986, Michael Morton came home from work to discover that his wife had been brutally murdered in their bed. His nightmare had only begun.

Nov 2012
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Hannah and Andrew

In October 2006 a four-year-old boy from Corpus Christi died mysteriously of salt poisoning. His foster mother, Hannah Overton, was charged with capital murder. But was this churchgoing woman a vicious child killer? Or had the tragedy claimed its second victim?

Jan 2012

Mexico City

Diego Rivera murals, Toltec frescoes, cobblestone streets, sad love songs—and Brie enchiladas.

Oct 2002

Bill Johnston

When he told the truth about the Branch Davidian standoff, he sacrificed his career to his conscience.

Sep 2000

“The Trick Is Not to Act Like a Lawyer”

That’s just one of the secrets of Rusty Hardin, the latest in Houston’s long line of flamboyant defense attorneys—and the man every wrongdoer in town wants on his side.

Sep 2002

The Guilty Man

Michael Morton spent almost 25 years wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his wife, until DNA evidence helped set him free. A year and a half later, that same piece of evidence finally brought him face-to-face with the real killer.

Jun 2013
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The Innocent Man, Part Two

During the 25 years Michael Morton spent wrongfully imprisoned for murdering his wife, he kept three things in mind: Someday he would prove his innocence to their son. Someday he would find out who had killed her. And someday he would understand how this had happened to him.

Dec 2012
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Crosses to Bear

At the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Bryan, questions of faith, conscience, biology, and politics collide every day on the front lines of the new war over abortion.

Jul 2003

The Whistle-Blower

All over America—and on the cover of Time magazine—Sherron Watkins is heralded as the whistle-blower who exposed Enron’s financial shenanigans. So why does the high-rolling crowd back in Houston consider her Public Enemy Number One?

Apr 2003

Queen for a Day

Beauty contests offer girls a time-honored occasion to hone the skills of elaborate preening and practice the fine art of intense mother-daughter bonding. But at the 2003 Miss Texas Teen USA pageant, contestant number 53 hoped simply for a blueprint for self-discovery.

Feb 2003

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

George W. Bush loves his retreat near Crawford, where life is just perfect—or was, until property values soared, souvenir shops sprang up everywhere, the media invaded, and the town became divided over its most famous resident.

Nov 2002

Queen of the Rodeo

For teenage girls living in Llano, life can be short on glamour and lacking in spectacle. But once a year they compete against their friends and classmates for the chance to win the most coveted title their community offers.

Aug 2001

The Battle for the Border

Illegal immigration is exploding in Maverick County, which will soon become the busiest crossing point from Mexico into the U.S. Ranches are being overrun by drug smugglers, houses robbed, cattle stolen. Men have been shot and killed.

Apr 2001

And You Will Know Them by the Trail of Debt

Life on the road for the Trail of Dead means fixing broken-down vans, sleeping on the floor at a stranger’s house, and living hand-to-mouth. What keeps the Austin indie band going? Rock and roll.

May 2000


What happens to a town identified with one of the worst hate crimes in American history?

Dec 2003

Life During Wartime

By this spring, nearly 40,000 troops will have been deployed to Iraq from Fort Hood. For the military spouses left behind, time passes. They raise their kids, wait for breaking news, and pray whenever they hear a knock on the door.

Feb 2004

Life and Meth

Since the arrival of cheap, homemade speed in East Texas five years ago, the drug has torn apart countless families and turned kids into addicts—and there’s no end in sight.

Jun 2004

Reversal of Fortune

Forty-two residents of the struggling cotton-farming town of Roby band together to enter the lottery. They buy 430 tickets. Then, on the eve of Thanksgiving, they hit the jackpot, winning $46 million. You might expect a happy ending. Not even close.

Sep 2004