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The Best Lover I Ever Had

“It was like a fire across a prairie.”

Jun 2000

Women Gone Wild

A seasoned adventurer no longer cares to keep up with the boys.

Be Exotic

Rugged and adventurous men win a woman’s heart.

Mar 2002

The Truest Eye

The legendary Toni Morrison sits down with Pam Houston to discuss the beginning (Ohio), the middle (her revolutionary first novels), and her latest (the magisterial Love).

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A dream date with a celebrity turns out to be anything but.

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Mathilda, the Original Savvy Traveler

On an Alaskan wilderness expedition, the author finds courage and strength from an unlikely companion.

Nov 2001
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Opening Day on the Denali Highway

A voluntary visit with wild sheep, wolverines and wolves. Oh my!

Jan 2004
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Sustainable Losses

The incredibly sensitive boyfriend and the third greatest quarterback of all time.

Sep 2000
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Something Good

Every time the cosmos threw us together, we found a way to avoid love. Until we both believed we deserved it.

Feb 2009
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North of Perth

A journey to one of the world’s most isolated corners.

Dog Days of Winter

There’s only one good way to cross the wilds of northern Alaska—by dogsled.

Nov 1996
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On the Trail of Walking James

Entering a world of tall tales, thick mist, and the occasional curious bear.

Mar 1995
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With Nothing but Gratitude

The daunting task of unpacking one’s subconscious.

Nov 2000
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Turning 40

Realizing that with age comes freedom.

Dec 2003

Lifelong Soundtrack

Why this writer will always listen to The Boss.

Jan 2008
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Divide + Conquer

Think fitting a high-altitude trail like the 468-mile Colorado into your life is impossible? It sat in the author's backyard for over a decade before she finally put aside some big fears (lightning) and major routines (work) and started hiking it one stolen week at a time.

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Something Sweet and Wild

Unconditional love is so strange to those of us who aren’t used to it.

Jan 1992
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In the Bowl of Lights That Is La Paz

Sex in third world countries was not something I actively sought out …

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Ten Things My Dog Taught Me That Made It Possible to Get Married

Lesson No. 3: That the exact right dog will always come into your life just when you need him most.

Sep 2003
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The William Hurt Incident

I summoned him … and he appeared.

Oct 2005
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On the Possibility-Filled Edge of the Continent

A white woman grapples with race and self-loathing.

Jun 2005
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Thirty-Four Years Old Today

Coming of age in the era of Roe v. Wade.

Oct 2007
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Seeing, Believing

Can wide-awake REM take you places even your sleeping self won’t go? The author tries out a radical new therapy—and changes her life.

Oct 2000

All the Bags and Dante and Me

Why dogs hate road trips.

Oct 2007