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P.C. Comics

Tales from the underground.

Mar 1990

Big Sponge on Campus

Simmons Hall’s revolutionary architecture is part of MIT’s new face.

The Alternative Alternative Fuel

Harnessing the power of methanol and used cooking oil, a growing number of entrepreneurs are out to create a new alternative to petroleum.

The Ballad of Conor Oberst

The maturation of an emo icon.

So … Are You Two Together?

On the history, and reality, of the “Boston marriage.”

Jun 2001

The Cyborg in Us All

When will we be able to direct computers with our thoughts? Sooner than you think.

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

Amy Smith invents machines for poor people in developing nations: her creations cost pennies and use little or no electricity.

Desert Saint

When Gordon Sato was sent to an internment camp for Japanese-Americans as a teenager during World War II, he learned to cultivate vegetables in the dry California dirt. Today, the 76-year-old Sato is using that experience to help the people in a drought-racked, war-ravaged nation grow food in their own desert.
Nov 2004

Wonder Woman

Meet the strongest woman in the world.


Can a jolt from a nine-volt battery make you smarter? Happier? Medical researchers revive a discarded technology and set the stage for the ‘brain pod.’

Feb 2007

Do Androids Dream of Electric Authors?

The irresistible rise of the robot-book.

The Joy Lock Club

Somerville’s Schuyler Towne can pick a lock faster than just about anyone in the country. Now he’s planning to break into the big time, leading a national “locksport” movement. He envisions televised competitions, Olympic recognition, and the sale of thousands of customized tool kits … if only his mom can pick up the manufacturing pace.

Jun 2011