Byliner Originals

Our award-winning series of stories, written exclusively for Byliner

nonfiction American Icons: Monticello

It's on the back of the nickel in your pocket, but how much do you really know about Thomas Jefferson's unique–and controversial–plantation home?

nonfiction American Icons: Moby-Dick

"Call me Ishmael." Melville's sprawling novel about one man's obsession has resonated across the centuries. Why do we keep hunting for the white whale?

nonfiction American Icons: The Wizard of Oz

The real story of Oz goes far beyond the beloved 1939 Judy Garland film. Salman Rushdie, Nora Ephron, and others explore the original American fairy tale.

fiction Gone

From the bestselling author of Let the Great World Spin, an emotional tour de force about a missing boy and the mother who is desperate to find him.

nonfiction American Icons: The Disney Parks

Take a peek inside the theme-park empire Walt Disney created in 1955, with interviews featuring actors like Tom Hanks, cast members such as Snow White, and the Imagineers who brought Walt's vision to life.

nonfiction American Icons: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

An in-depth history of the controversial and brilliantly successful Vietnam Veterans Memorial, featuring an exclusive interview with the Wall's designer, Maya Lin.

nonfiction American Icons: I Love Lucy

Dozens of voices weigh in on the genius and legacy of I Love Lucy, the television show that set the model for the hit family sitcom.

nonfiction BOOM

Oil, money, cowboys, strippers, and the energy rush that could change America forever. A long, strange journey along the Keystone XL pipeline.

fiction Confession

Published here for the first time, Elmore Leonard’s darkly playful story of a priest whose vows of nonviolence are put to the test in an Old West Arizona town.

fiction The Trespassers

From the “King Daddy” of crime with a twist, a never-before-published story about a young couple whose remote homestead is invaded by a pair of terrifyingly unwelcome visitors.

fiction The Edible Exile

An early short story from the wickedly funny bestselling author, featuring a cast of classically Hiaasen miscreants in 1980s Miami.

fiction The Color War

In this story by bestselling, beloved author Jodi Picoult, a young boy learns painful lessons about class and race at an idyllic summer camp.

nonfiction Got That Something!

The fascinating story of the Beatles hit “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the song that changed everything, by New York Times critic and Fab Four authority Allan Kozinn.

nonfiction Seven Seconds

Where were you when you heard the news that Kennedy had been shot? An exclusive collection of memories from Nora Ephron, Jimmy Carter, James Patterson, Meryl Streep, and many others.

fiction Devotion: A Rat Story

An exquisitely unsettling tale about a young single mother whose new home is already inhabited by her neighbors’ pets—fat, hungry, and multiplying daily.

nonfiction Cocaine Cowgirl

The life and violent times of Griselda Blanco, Pablo Escobar’s feared rival and the most notorious, murderous queen-pin of the Colombian drug wars.

nonfiction Design Crazy

Drawing on interviews with more than fifty former Apple execs and insiders, this deeply revealing oral history shows how design evolved at Apple, the most creative enterprise of our time.

nonfiction The Man with the Electrified Brain

The acclaimed author of the blockbuster The Professor and the Madman tells the tale of his own descent into madness.

nonfiction To Have and Uphold

From The New York Times and Byliner comes the definitive story of the struggle over same-sex marriage, offering an insightful look at how our Constitution is interpreted, debated, and sometimes reshaped.

nonfiction Three Days in Gettysburg

The unforgettable true story of three childhood friends whose lives, loves, and town were torn apart by the Civil War.

fiction The Heart Goes Last

In episode four of Positron, our happy couple Stan and Charmaine enter a darkly devious world of faked executions, sexbots, and Elvis impersonators.

nonfiction Death of an American Sniper

From the author of Jarhead, the story of the life and shocking murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in American military history.

nonfiction Soccer in Sun and Shadow

One of the greatest sports books of our time, now revised and updated. It “stands out like Pelé on a field of second stringers,” says The New Yorker.

fiction 99 Stories of God

A comic and Kafkaesque series of fictional vignettes about our interactions with the divine, from the acclaimed author of State of Grace.

nonfiction Asperger Love

An empathetic portrait of Jack and Kirsten, a teenage couple with Asperger syndrome struggling to figure out romance and intimacy, from Pulitzer-winning New York Times correspondent Amy Harmon.

nonfiction Half-Life

In this poetic, moving memoir, Joshua Prager tells the story of the bus crash on an Israeli road that broke his neck and turned his life into “before” and “after.”

nonfiction My Mother’s Bible

In this love letter to his late mother, the bestselling author of Up in the Air finds solace in the handwritten notes she left in her Bible.

fiction The Castaway

A solitary, unspeaking boy, floating upon the ocean, is taken aboard a tanker in this seafaring fever dream in the tradition of Joseph Conrad.

fiction Phoenix

A sinister yet comical story straight from the passive-aggressive front lines of modern marriage, where a wife’s frustration, along with the family cat, become weapons of mass destruction.

nonfiction Here’s the Deal

America, we have a problem. And Pulitzer-winning New York Times columnist Leonhardt has a radically sensible answer, a cool-headed prescription for closing our deficit and getting us back to growth.

fiction Nate in Venice

A heartbreaking and often hilarious novella about a decent man’s attempt to find some peace, and perhaps love, on a trip to one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

fiction You Were Never Really Here

A shocking novella from Ames, the beloved creator of Bored to Death. Meet Joe, an ass-kicking, psychologically tormented guardian angel who rescues others but refuses to save himself.

fiction Erase Me

In part three of Atwood’s Positron, the dystopian dark comedy takes its darkest turn yet, pitting husband against wife and the human impulse to love against the animal instinct to survive.

nonfiction Snow Fall

A harrowing tale of life and death in an out-of-bounds ski area in Washington State, this is the extended version of the Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times report.

nonfiction Final Vision

In this long-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Fatal Vision, Joe McGinniss examines the never-ending case of Jeffrey MacDonald, accused of brutally killing his wife and two daughters in 1970.

fiction A World Made of Blood

From the bestselling author of The Perfect Storm and War comes a rare work of fiction in which man’s unrelenting savagery meets his capacity for cowardice—and courage.

nonfiction Finding the Devil

The two-month saga of the Chilean miners trapped half a mile underground captivated the world. The celebrated narrative journalist William Langewiesche tells the complete and utterly fascinating story.

fiction Genie

Acclaimed novelist Richard Powers weaves the tale of a young biologist who makes a haunting discovery. Is it a message left by an alien life form, or the signature of the Creator himself?

nonfiction The Living and the Dead

Winner of the 2013 Michael Kelly Award. Iraq War veteran Brian Mockenhaupt tells the gripping true story of three soldiers who try to cheat death daily in Afghanistan.

nonfiction Rough Beasts

The brilliantly reported, bizarre account of the day in 2011 when a man in Zanesville, Ohio, released his menagerie of fifty exotic animals.

fiction Shakedown

The bestselling Ellroy is as artfully depraved as ever in this randy work of fiction about Freddy Otash, the man who whetted our national appetite for sex and scandal in the pages of Confidential.

nonfiction Between Heaven and Hell

Is there any place left where life still goes on separate and idyllic, uncontaminated by modernity? National Book Award winner Shacochis sets out for the hidden mountain kingdom of Mustang.

fiction 43*

Imagine if Al Gore had defeated George W. Bush in the 2000 election. That’s the fascinating premise behind this political thriller by celebrated commentator Jeff Greenfield.

nonfiction Mob Fest ’29

In this brilliantly subversive work, Bill Tonelli investigates the long-standing myth of the mob’s founding—a legendary week in May 1929 in which Al Capone is said to have assembled a Who’s Who of criminals in Atlantic City to plot and make peace. But what really happened that week? Tonelli sifts the facts from the malarkey.

nonfiction The Human Circus

More bad behavior unfolds as Joe McGinniss revisits a small New England town and discovers an absorbing true tale of crime and justice.

nonfiction Primitives

Imagine Law & Order set in Lake Wobegon. This is the world of 15 Gothic Street, about crime and justice in a small New England town.

fiction Choke Collar

In episode two of the serial Positron, Stan and Charmaine discover that when you surrender your autonomy, you can become anyone’s slave, both in bed and out.

fiction An Arrangement of Light

A chilling tale set in an unnamed country, Krauss’s masterful short story concerns a young horticulturist, his idol, a landscape architect, and a cabal of capricious generals.

fiction The Boy Vanishes

Haigh’s deeply haunting story of the disappearance of a fourteen-year-old boy in a fictionalized blue-collar seaside town shows how much a community loses when one of its own suddenly vanishes.

nonfiction The Fire Horse

From the author of the bestelling The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin comes the story of a heroic horse who gave his trainer a second shot at life.

nonfiction All My Love, Samples Later

The moving story of the author’s parents, whose love affair came to a tragic halt just months before World War II ended.

fiction Everyone's Reading Bastard

Only a storyteller like Hornby—a virtuoso at love gone wrong—could deliver such a rollicking tale of an average guy trying to survive an ex’s wrath gone viral.

nonfiction How to Get Away with Murder in America

The shocking true story of an alleged drug-world hit man who was recruited by the CIA and promoted into the agency’s top ranks—all while continuing his life of crime.

nonfiction The Ghost

National Magazine Award winner Paige Williams follows the trail of the FBI’s most unlikely fugitive: a charming, handsome, onetime devout Mormon, on the run from a brutal murder.

nonfiction After Friday Night Lights

Twenty-five years after Friday Night Lights, Buzz Bissinger lovingly details his relationship with running back Boobie Miles, whose career-ending injury was the centerpiece of that classic story.

nonfiction Farthest North

From the author of the bestselling adventure tale The Darkest Jungle, the incredible, little-known story of America’s first great Arctic expedition.

fiction Don't Eat Cat

Jess Walter’s brilliantly entertaining send-up of zombie fiction offers a twist on America’s favorite monster: You don’t have to be dead to be a zombie.

nonfiction Sober Is My New Drunk

The bestselling humorist and prolific tech blogger describes how he conquered his drinking problem—without AA. An unorthodox twelve-step program.

nonfiction Lifeboat No. 8

The No. 1 New York Times bestselling story of one of the first lifeboats to leave the Titanic. A vivid re-creation of that cold, calm night a century ago.

fiction I’m Starved for You

The first installment of the serial Positron, in which the prophetic Margaret Atwood delivers a hilarious yet harrowing tale about liberty, power, and the irrepressibility of human appetite.

nonfiction One Way Forward

Renowned Harvard law professor Lessig presents a wise manifesto for fixing what’s wrong with America and giving us back a real voice in how we are governed.

nonfiction Death Comes to Happy Valley

Mahler’s clear-eyed story about Penn State coach Joe Paterno shows what can happen when a school and a community fall under the spell of a legend who was merely mortal.

nonfiction The Selling of the President

Written during Nixon’s 1968 White House run, this was the first book to take an unvarnished look at the dirty game of campaign politics. Forty-five years later, it’s as relevant as ever.

nonfiction The Secret World of Saints

The journey to canonization, the Catholic Church’s most mysterious tradition, complete with stigmata, self-mortification, and, of course, miracles.

nonfiction A Killing in Iowa

The bestselling memoir about a young girl whose family was shattered by a murder-suicide in her small Midwestern town.

nonfiction Sleeping with Famous Men

From the bestselling author of Lifeboat No. 8 comes an elegant, rueful, and astonishingly frank account of coming to terms with her romantic past.

nonfiction Lady with a Past

The little-known tale of the Statue of Liberty and the egomaniacal French artist who stopped at nothing to turn her into our national icon.

nonfiction Joan

This loving portrait of one of America’s most revered writers is a treasure trove of Didion’s wisdom about literature, life, and the power of endurance—and surrender.

nonfiction The Cartel

From the Pulitzer Prize–winning civil rights historian, the devastating, landmark investigation into college sports and the NCAA, an organization poised to collapse under the weight of its hypocrisy.

nonfiction Cooking Solves Everything

The award-winning author of How to Cook Everything explains how the simple act of cooking is better for your health, the economy, and the planet.

nonfiction The Getaway Car

From the bestselling author of Bel Canto and State of Wonder, a practical memoir about the agony, ecstasy, and occasional lunacy of the writing life.

nonfiction The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin

The true and astounding story of New York City’s first female police detective, who outsmarted her male colleagues to solve “the crime of the century.”

nonfiction The Baby Chase

One woman’s powerful, sometimes comical story of how she became an accidental pioneer (and guinea pig) in the ever-evolving science of in vitro fertilization.

nonfiction I Hope Like Heck

A collection of hilarious—dare we say profound?—poems created from the e-mails of the Belle of Wasilla, Sarah Palin.

nonfiction Planet Killers

A true sci-fi tale of rogue asteroids threatening to obliterate the Earth, and the plucky scientists and astronauts scrambling for ways to stop them.

nonfiction And the War Came

The creator of the New York Times’ award-winning Disunion blog tells the extraordinary story of the country’s slide into the Civil War.

nonfiction Into the Forbidden Zone

Armed with a capricious radiation detector, National Book Award winner William T. Vollmann ventures into the hot zone mere days after Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster.

nonfiction Three Cups of Deceit

The story that became national news—and an instant bestseller. Jon Krakauer investigates the alleged fraud surrounding Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea.