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Everyone's Reading Bastard

Only a storyteller like Hornby—a virtuoso at love gone wrong—could deliver such a rollicking tale of an average guy trying to survive an ex’s wrath gone viral.

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Draw What You Know

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He’ll Never Let You Down

The ’70s may have been a terrible decade for pop music, but in retrospect, one man, Rod Stewart, stands out as a mentor for the young: a man of questionable taste in almost everything, except good pop music.

Sep 1994
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The Thrill of It All

Nick Hornby used to find record shops scarily intimidating (remember High Fidelity?), but the advent of MP3 blogs has liberated music fans everywhere. Writing exclusively for OMM, the author reveals why …

Sep 2009
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The Entertainers

Learning from Los Lobos.

Apr 2001
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Reeling in the Years

Mar 2000
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Rock of Ages

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We Are the World

Soccer changes its face.

Jul 2002
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Pop Quiz

What does the new Top Ten list mean?

Aug 2001