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Fake Food Triptych

Gastromorphs v. Non-Eatities.

Apr 2010


The Hugh Hefner story.
Jan 2009

“Let No Man Despise Thy Youth” –Timothy 4:12

Teresa Scanlan—Miss America 2011­—would like to be a Supreme Court justice some day. But she’d settle for president.
Jul 2011

The Smelliest Block in New York

Deep in the Lower East Side, a terrible odor lurks. Where is it coming from?
Jun 2011

Kickstart My Heart

Adderall days.

Jan 2008

Leading Mannequins

It’s an open secret that movie stars don’t dress themselves any more than your 2-year-old. Think Tom Cruise knew what a shawl collar was before someone put him in one? Or that Ryan Gosling woke up one day in a Henley? (Well, maybe.) Fashion in Hollywood involves as much calculation and bartering as negotiating royalties. Which is why the most important person behind an actor’s image isn’t his agent—it’s his stylist. Molly Young spends a week with a Hollywood dresser.

Apr 2012

The J in J.Crew

How Jenna Lyons became the most unlikely of tastemakers (a word she detests).
Aug 2011
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Sweatpants in Paradise

The exciting world of immersive retail.

Sep 2010
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"It Was the Biggest Game of Chicken I’ve Ever Seen."

David Karp built a massive, culturally totemic company that was losing millions of dollars a month. After a huge infusion of Yahoo cash, he’s breathing easier.

Sep 2013
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Susan Miller Rising

The astrologist who predicts—and maybe shapes—everything that will happen in New York fashion.

Feb 2013
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Wigging Out

Would changing my hair change my life? After a lifetime of playing it safe at the salon, the author spins the color wheel—and discovers a spectrum of alter egos.

Mar 2013
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Riccardo Tisci: Designer of the Year 2012

Riccardo Tisci, the 38-year-old designer, reinvented Givenchy, turned around its fortunes, and conquered both the runways of Paris and the streets of Atlanta. But he also did something much more risky.
Dec 2012
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He & He & He

Benny Morecock is in a “throuple” with two partners. Their family business is a gay-porn company in Long Island City. The Cleavers they’re not—and yet their home life seems positively wholesome.
Aug 2012