Revenge of the Doughnut Boys

In Newark, New Jersey, the kids are rustling cars to drive to school, get out of the rain or simply mess with the cops.

Oct 1992
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The Trial of Hunter S. Thompson

Charged with possession of illegal drugs after a questionable police raid on his house, our National-Affairs Desk chief faces up to fifty years in prison. “This was a lifestyle bust,” says Thompson. “The times are a-changin’.”

Jun 1990

Mike White

Life is good for the funniest great screenwriter in Hollywood. So why does his return to TV have him freaking out?

Feb 2004

A Tribute to the Rev. Leon Sullivan: 1922-2001

This was the man who started the worldwide movement that smashed apartheid in South Africa. … This was the man who, forty years earlier, led boycotts that forced American businesses to hire minorities. … This was the man who, just last year, created the global Sullivan principles for social, economic and political justice in the twenty-first century.

Jul 2001

Charges Dropped against Hunter Thompson

The godfather of gonzo journalism and patron saint of extreme lifestyle fought the law. And won.

Jul 1990

The Dust of Life

The children we abandoned in Vietnam are grown now and coming home to the land of their fathers. Will we turn our backs on them again?

Nov 1991

Thank You Lord, Hilary Swank Is Single Again

What do Hilary Swank, Olivia de Havilland, and Glenda Jackson have in common? Each has won two Oscars. But how many of them would you like to see like this?

Apr 2007

Gut Check in the Heartland

Augustana College is a period piece, a place where the pioneer spirit is still at work—especially on the football field.

Jan 1993

A Boy and His Dog in Hell

This is the story of Chic, 13, and his pit bulls. Like 800,000 other Americans, Chic enjoys watching his dogs at play—puncturing flesh, tearing muscle, crushing bones.

Jul 1987


The world according to AmeriKKKa’s most-wanted rapper.

Oct 1990

The Happy Life of Diane Lane

Heartbreaking Diane Lane, the woman who made a generation of men wish they were men before they were men, is an almost perfect storm.

Jul 2000

The Ice Age

Smoking crystal meth—street name “ice”—is an epidemic in Hawaii that is now speeding its way across the Pacific to the U.S. mainland. Law-enforcement officials say that ice will eclipse crack, heroin and PCP as the drug of the nineties and that we are at the dawn of a new and deadly era in drug abuse.
Feb 1990

Yeaaaahhhhhhh, Baaaaaaaa-byyyyy!

Every time you hear that sound, God has created another billionaire. Mark Cuban is number 199.
Apr 2000

Requiem for a Gangsta

Eric “Eazy E” Wright was a crack dealer who formed, along with icons Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, the seminal rap group Niggas Wit Attitude. Eazy’s lifestyle set the bar for hip hop culture. But in the end, it wasn’t guns or rivals that got him—shockingly, he succumbed to AIDS.

Nov 1995
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Stairway to Heaven

The members of the Heaven’s Gate cult worked diligently to become a genderless, communal mass mind, but they never quite transcended their humanity. An intimate report from beneath the purple shrouds of the group that committed mass suicide in the hopes of returning home to the cosmos.

Sep 1997

The Smartest Man in America

Look, maybe you’re no genius. But … who is? Introducing the guy who may be (drumroll, please) … the smartest man in America!

Nov 1999

Who Doesn’t Love Woody Harrelson?

From his hemp hats to his dopey charm to his recent roles as dark and scarred antiheroes, there’s something we all have to face: It’s hard not to enjoy his presence.

Feb 2012

Inhuman Bondage

The Animal Liberation Front believes meat is murder, science is torture and that animals should have the same rights as humans. A report from inside a daring guerrilla raid on a USDA animal testing laboratory outside Washington, DC.
Mar 1988
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Raised in Captivity

Gary Fannon lost the best years of his life to a trumped-up arrest, a crooked cop and draconian drug-sentencing laws. The decade he spent in prison taught him lessons no man should ever have to learn.

Jun 1997
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The Temple of Doom

Police were baffled when eight Thai Buddhist monks and one nun were killed execution-style in a temple outside Phoenix—the worst mass murder in Arizona history. Nobody wanted to believe the crime had been committed by a pair of gung-ho ROTC students from the local high school.

Jun 1994

The Teachings of Don Carlos

Some say he was a breakthrough academic and visionary shaman. Others say he was a sham. Either way, he shaped a generation of mystical thinkers and magic mushroom eaters. The mysterious life and impeccable death of Carlos Castaneda as told by his wife, his son, and his followers.

Dec 2003
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The Death of a High School Narc

The citizens of Midlothian, Texas, cared deeply about their town; development was coming, the future looked bright. Then the city manager decided there was a drug problem at the local school. What happened when the war on drugs went horribly wrong.

Jun 1988

The Corruption of Ed O’Brien

He was the highest-ranking DEA agent ever arrested for dealing drugs. Was it simple greed or was it inevitable? A look at the early days of the war on drugs and its inevitable effects on the combatants. With so much money and drugs in play, who would not be tempted?
May 1990

Murder, My Sweet

When his romance with an informant proved to be more than he’d bargained for, this model FBI man committed the perfect crime … until his conscience got in the way.

May 1991