When Should a Man Stop Smoking Weed?


Sep 2013
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Say Hello to Rick Ross

1980: Crack was just turning up in the United States. The contras were seeking funds to support their civil war in Nicaragua. And an L.A. kid was looking for an opportunity. The combination would change America.

Oct 2013

The Hardest Thing to Do in Space

… is land on something. Tom Rivellini and his NASA team, who specialize in that, put the Curiosity rover on Mars with their mind-boggling sky crane. Now they’re on to the next thing, which is even bolder.

Dec 2012

Christina Ricci, Little Miss Sunshine

“I’m immature. I’m very insecure. I tend to always question everything I say and do.”

Feb 2007

David Duchovny is Annoyed

David Duchovny is not really a television star. He just plays one on TV.

May 1999
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Virginia’s Beauties on Circuit

Inside the life of a pageant girl.

Feb 1981
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Generation H

At 28, Mark was bored beyond belief—with his music, with his nagging girlfriend, with the whole East Village poseur scene. Only his ten-bag-a-day habit kept life interesting, but maybe that meant it was time to quit.

Sep 1995
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The Thrill of Going Around in Circles

Part-time racer with a full-time passion.

May 1982
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The Hunt

A day of deer hunting reveals the bond of kinship between a father and son.

Dec 1981
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Notre Dame with Peach Fuzz

The Annandale Atoms: so psyched, so explosive, so … totally awesome, man!

Oct 1981
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Boy oh boy oh boy, Sanberg. You’re 92. And you’ve been old longer than you’ve been anything else.

Sep 1998
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A Journey to the Heart of Whiteness

Northern Idaho is home to the Aryan Nations, Mark Fuhrman and a cracked pot of other white supremacists united by hate. It is, its residents boast, “what America used to be”—and must be again.

Mar 1996

Death in Venice

Once gangs fought for turf and respect, and V-13 ruled the streets of Venice, California. Then crack arrived in the neighborhood.

Oct 2008

Smoking: A Love Story

It's been my habit, my hobby, my love. My constant companion from birth. How can I live without it?

Feb 1998

I Am Large, I Contain Multitudes

Roseanne is just your typical girl woman boy poet comedian performer mother wife actor borderline bipolar obsessive-compulsive heretic witch crone, and she’s doing her best to sort things out.

Aug 2001

This Man Is Not Depressed, Goddammit

The thin blue line between sadness and depression.

Nov 2011
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Fact: Five Out of Five Kids Who Kill Love Slayer

Roll over and die, Beethoven.

Feb 1992

High Tolerance

An excerpt from the author’s new novel about a superstarlet, a hip-hop mogul, and a television writer/producer who are linked together by murder, a sex video, and designer marijuana.

May 2013

How Men Eat

A well-lived Esquire writer remembers eating with parents, Marines, and cigarettes.

Sep 2009

Carla Gugino: A Woman We Love

Yeah, Carla Gugino was in that. That, too. She’s been in everything. And now this.

Oct 2011

Maria Bello Confesses: Monogamy Is a Big Fat Lie

The big screen’s perfect wife and girlfriend tells you what kind of woman she really is.

Aug 2006

Jeff Skoll

First, at eBay, he helped make e-commerce work. Now he’s trying to make movies better.

Dec 2005
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Eating with Women: A History

A romantic autobiography, recounted in meals.

Sep 2010

When a Marriage Ends …

Divorce for men.

May 2011