How Change Is Going to Come in the Food System

As the food movement has discovered, winning over the media, or even the president, is not enough.

Oct 2011

My Letter to Whole Foods


It’s no garden party.

Cattle Futures?

Perhaps learning how beef is made will drive us back to an older way of rearing cows.

Floral Conquest

Master horticulturist Claude Hope brought the Impatiens wallerana blooms from obscurity to ubiquity.

I, Pollinator

It is spring, time to ask who’s running the show in the garden, us or the plants?

Seed. Reseed. Secede.

Seaside, Florida, rebels against the Great American lawn.

Is This Country Living? Ask the Cows

The rustic charm of an exurban agricultural fair.

Living at the Office

How the telecommuter society can revitalize our communities.

A Very Fine Line

The boundary between good and bad drugs is harder than ever to draw.

Precautionary Principle

Shifting away from ecological risk analysis poses a threat to the economic status quo.

The Seed Conspiracy

A typical packet of seeds contains a future vegetable patch and the germs of a biopolitical struggle.

Look Who’s Saving the Elm

Putting a spin on the struggle between nature and civilization, city lovers, rather than nature lovers, have come to the elm’s rescue.

So Beautiful This Ghastly Flower

Finding virtue in a garden of unearthly delights.

The Chain Saws of Salvation

The best preservationist isn’t always nature.

A Gardener’s Guide to Sex, Politics and Class War

Literary excursions for the cultivated cultivator.

Against Nativism

For all it’s ecological posturing, the natural gardening movement is little more than ideology masquerading as aesthetics.

The Great Yellow Hype

Golden rice is being touted as biotechnology’s “killer app”, an offer we can’t refuse if we care about fighting malnutrition. Is this really about world hunger, or just a cynical market strategy meant to play on our pathos?

Vote for the Dinner Party

Is this the year that the food movement finally enters politics?

Hawaii’s Wild Side

Yes, you really can frolic in a land called Hanalei. You can also hike amid passion vines and waterfalls, learn to snorkel, and fly (by zip line) through the jungle. Welcome to Kauai, the island developers have yet to tame.

Apr 2005

Our National Eating Disorder

Fad diets like Atkins come and go, but Americans’ quixotic search for a singular nutritional solution lives on.

Cruising on the Ark of Taste

By pursuing the politics of pleasure, the Slow Food movement hopes to save rare species and delectables—and give the considered life a second chance.

May 2003

Sustaining Vision

Joel Salatin’s locavore farming experiment Polyface attempts to go “beyond organic.”

Aug 2002

Border Whores

Who cultivated who? An ode to the flower.

Mar 2002