Barefoot Running Stumbles

The irresistible promise: Ditch your padded sneakers and run faster with fewer injuries. So why is the minimalist running craze causing maximum pain?

Sep 2013


Joel Gratz is a Colorado skier who puts out winter storm alerts that track the essentials: Where exactly the snow will fall, how much, and when. As a fellow weather nerd finds out, it’s wonderful when it works.

Jul 2013

The Other Guys

NASA needs a space taxi. The likely pick is SpaceX—but don’t count out Colorado-based Sierra Nevada.

Something in the Air

The health risks of leaded gasoline are a thing of the past, right? Wrong.

Sep 2013

Whose Fault?

Scientists had long suspected frackers caused earthquakes. But when a dead fault unleashed a 5.7 on Oklahoma, it rocked seismology to the core.

Mar 2013

The Skis That Mike Built

What could be more satisfying to a lifelong skier than handcrafting his own boards? A couple of flesh wounds, a few noxious fumes, and some serious marital strife later, you start to get an answer.

Feb 2013

Trekking Virgin Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

If you think all the authentic adventures in Costa Rica have been packaged and polished to death, think again. Welcome to the jungle.

Jul 2006

When Earth Attacks

Tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, landslides—the single certain thing about nature’s killers is that they will strike again, and again. Our only defense: ever better prediction and protection.

May 2005

Your Brain on Skis

What happens in that six feet between the couloir walls depends on what happens in the six inches between your ears.

Oct 2012

Treasure Quest

For more than a decade, American Robert Graf has combed the waters of a Seychelles island for a multimillion-dollar booty stashed by pirates nearly 300 years ago.

The New Science of Hair Growth

Robot follicular surgeons, invisible micrografts, in vitro hair cloning … scientists have a wider array of weapons than ever before in the war on baldness. Many believe we’re finally on the verge of banishing it forever.

Mar 2009

Living La Vida Roques

Do you dream of escaping your cubical for a kiting Shangri-La where sessions never stop? Meet Elias Percales and Lieselotte Vieweg—they fled conventional jobs for Los Roques to live every kiter’s fantasy.

Jul 2008

The Great Space Coaster

Climb aboard NASTAR Center’s flight simulator for an out-of-this-world experience.

Sep 2012

Sky-High Shortcut

Heli-hiking the Bugaboos.

Jan 2011

Six-Pack Abs, Made to Order

Men tired of working their asses off in the gym and not seeing results are now turning to a radical new surgery to get the perfect stomach.
Jul 2008

Alison Gannett, Saving Our Snow

Gannett, a world champion freeskier, launched the Global Cooling Tour when she sustained a career-ending injury. She also works on former V.P. Al Gore’s Climate Project.

Sep 2009

The Desert Downwinder

A Brazilian surf champ, a former New York Internet marketing exec and a wave rookie from Colorado make the trip of a lifetime along 200 miles of Brazilian coastline.

Aug 2007

Sudden Death

When active and healthy Michael Behar is awakened one night with palpitations, he learns of a potentially fatal condition that causes athletes’ hearts to fail without warning.

Mar 2008

Splendid Isolation

It’s a 21st-century refinement of the Robinson Crusoe fantasy: Your own private island—but with none of the inconvenience and discomfort of being a castaway. From the coral reefs, talcum sand, and swaying palms of the Seychelles to nine other crowd-free island retreats, we’ve got the ultimate unplugged paradise for you.

Dec 2004

Into the Great Wide Open

For a first taste of Alaska, it’s hard to beat a week of exploring in Wrangell-St. Elias. Bigger than Switzerland, it’s America’s largest and emptiest national park.

Jul 2008

Birth of a Spaceliner

Virgin Galactic, Spaceport America, and Scaled Composites bring astrotourism to reality.

Jul 2012

I Kiter

Riders convene in the British Virgin Islands for the second annual BVI Kite Jam. Amidst steady wind, world-class waves and boundless flat water, jammers rediscover the kindred bonds that give our sport its soul.

Jul 2011

Burning Question

Why are wildfires defying long-standing computer models?

Sep 2012

Board Silly

It’s rare to find a pro surfer on a production board. Now kiters are discovering the magic of a custom ride.

Jan 2011