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Modern Warfare

The real-life battle between Call of Duty developers Vincent Zampella and Jason West and their former employers, Activision Blizzard, is turning out to be nearly as vicious as the on-screen fights they are so good at rendering realistic.

Jun 2013

A Save-the-World Field Trip for Millionaire Tech Moguls

How a vice-loving club promoter saved himself through charity. And how he’s persuading Silicon Valley’s superrich to do the same.

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Design Crazy

Drawing on interviews with more than fifty former Apple execs and insiders, this deeply revealing oral history shows how design evolved at Apple, the most creative enterprise of our time.

The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest, the social media phenom, has created the web’s new design paradigm—and maybe the greatest selling engine ever devised.

Oct 2012

Revolution Number 99

An oral history of Occupy Wall Street shows how the spark was lit in Zuccotti Park as a disparate, passionate mix of activists, celebrities, and accidental protesters changed the national conversation.

Feb 2012

The Zen Master of Silicon Valley Chatter

As a startup founder, Kevin Rose talked his way to Internet fame. Now he wants to use his gift for gab to find the next big thing before anyone else does.

Feb 2013

Star Power

In the fractured and fractious world of local advertising—and in the stock market—Jeremy Stoppelman and Yelp are shooting for the … you know.

Dec 2012

True to Its Roots

Kickstarter has made some people rich and sent others away angry—forfeiting millions of dollars in the process. For the first time, its founders explain why they refuse to act like other startups.

Apr 2013

Is This the Jeff Bezos of Russia?

Maelle Gavet is building a wildly ambitious e-commerce startup in the world’s last great untapped Internet market. How does she do it? By channeling her inner czar.

Aug 2012
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Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun, Godfather of Free Online Education, Changes Course

He captivated the world with visions of self-driving cars and Google Glass and has signed up 1.6 million students for online classes. So why is he pivoting away from MOOCs? “We don’t educate people as others wished, or as I wished,” Thrun says.

Dec 2013
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Lessons from the World’s Most Ruthless Competitor

Copycatters used to knock off designer shoes. Now they knock off online shoe sellers, daily-deal sites, and any other Internet-based business you can name. Is this just a fact of business in a connected world?

May 2012
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Future TechStars, Step Forward

Getting into an incubator means money, mentors, and connections. We went inside the application process at a prestigious business incubator.
Apr 2012
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Anything Could Happen

Evan Williams’s first little idea shifted the culture. (You can thank him for the ubiquity of blogging.) His new business, called Twitter, will be entering your consciousness right … about … now. Why does this stuff happen? Because he lets it.

Mar 2008
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In Norway, Startups Say Ja to Socialism

We venture to the very heart of the hell that is Scandinavian socialism—and find out that it’s not so bad. Pricey, yes, but a good place to start and run a company.
Jan 2011
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Can Rob Kalin Scale Etsy?

An army of 400,000 crafters has made Etsy a hot start-up: profitable, well capitalized, growing. Now founder Rob Kalin is looking for ways to make them successful.

Apr 2011