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Carla on a Hot Tin Roof

Now that Carla Bruni is no longer France’s First Lady, she might have expected the spotlight to be back on her music career. But her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, is once more in the headlines, under investigation for financially taking advantage of France’s richest woman as he thinks of running for president again.

Jun 2013
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The BBC Blame Game

Tracing the Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal in its entirety—including ongoing inquiries, in which executives have avoided taking responsibility and few have been axed—V.F. special correspondent Maureen Orth investigates why an exposé on Savile’s misdeeds mysteriously never aired.

Feb 2013
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Fort Bragg’s Deadly Summer

After a string of slayings and suicides at the base, the army is grappling with its domestic-violence problem. In three cases, model soldiers who’d served in Afghanistan killed their wives. Were they simply unable to leave the war behind, or did an anti-malaria drug turn them psychotic?

Dec 2002
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What Katie Didn’t Know

In the fall of 2004, an accomplished, gorgeous Scientologist named Nazanin Boniadi was allegedly selected by officials in the organization to be Tom Cruise’s next girlfriend. Her never-before-told story reveals a complex dynamic that also affected Cruise’s relationships with Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, and, now, Katie Holmes.

Oct 2012
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Paris Match

Just months after his May 2007 election, French president Nicolas Sarkozy faced growing criticism over his stalled reforms, flashy style, and stormy divorce. The last straw should have been his whirlwind remarriage, to an Italian heiress, ex-model, and singer who had past liaisons with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, among others, and nude photos all over the Internet. But the lady in question, Carla Bruni, is proving an unexpected asset. At the Élysée Palace, Maureen Orth encounters a pair of romantic predators who appear to have met their matches.

Sep 2008
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Not Your Average Nun

Sister Janet Harris bluntly tells God when she’s had it up to here. She reminds Saint Francis about his wild youth. And thanks to her audacious efforts—and unswerving faith—a young man sentenced as a teenager to life in prison is (for now) walking free.

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When Washington Was Fun

The grand hostesses are history, the president would rather be in bed, and there’s a price tag on every evening these days. Who killed Washington society? Ask a few of the local experts.

Dec 2007
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The Killer’s Trail

The shocking Mob-style execution of fashion designer Gianni Versace appears to have been the crescendo of a cross-country murder spree that landed 27-year-old Andrew Cunanan on the F.B.I.’s Ten Most Wanted list. From the truth about Cunanan’s childhood, through his free-spending days at the heart of San Diego’s gay society, to the bloody crime scenes he left behind in Minneapolis, Chicago, New Jersey, and Miami, the author follows the twisted psychological path that ended only when Cunanan turned the .40-caliber murder weapon on himself.

Sep 1997
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Cassini Royale

By the time he died, in 2006, designer Oleg Cassini had seduced the “top top girls” of his day, from Grace Kelly to Marilyn Monroe to Anita Ekberg, married Hollywood stunner Gene Tierney, and shaped the look of the absolutely toppest girl of all, Jacqueline Kennedy. But, for all Cassini’s success with women, the battle over his estate, between his daughter Tina and his last (and secret) wife, Marianne Nestor, suggests a chilling calculation behind the dashing image.

Sep 2010
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Arianna’s Virtual Candidate

California congressman Michael Huffington is a man of no apparent convictions, except one: that he deserves to be president of the United States. But first the multimillionaire Republican is running for the Senate. Pulling the strings is his wife, socialite Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington, the controversial author and New Age minister, who has a mysterious agenda of her own.

Nov 1994
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On the Set of Apocalypse Now

In the tropics one must before everything keep calm.—Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness.

Jun 1977