The Power of Prunes

Plum growers hope stronger bones and moister meat loaf can replace regularity as the fruit’s selling points.

Nov 1999

Going Postal

If I can’t be on a stamp, can I at least put in my 37 cents’ worth?

By Exclusive

Bite Me

Boldy risking life (highly unlikely), limb (well, maybe) and ego (definitely), a novice alligator wrestler stalks her quarry.

By Exclusive

Flexible Benefits

People are stretching with a fervor unseen since yoga was invented 5,000 years ago. But does it do any good?

Oct 1996
By Exclusive

Unhealthy Reading

For every ailment, there’s a health book offering a bogus cure. How health-book writers get away with it—and how to separate good advice from bad.

Jun 1992
By Exclusive

The Numbers Game

Calvin runs big while Chanel runs small. So how do you know what size to try? Decoding the designer sizing system.

Aug 1996

Why Doesn’t Anyone Have Dropsy Anymore?

The Merck Manual isn’t as much fun as it was a century ago, but it’s still a physician’s best friend.

Jul 1999

Twelve Steps in the End Zone

Self-help for sports junkies (or the spouses who can’t stand it).

Apr 2000

You Are Your Bike

An ode to a bicycle that really meant something—even if, decades later, the author can’t quite put a finger on what it was.

Oct 2005
By Exclusive

Toro! Toro! Toro!

Our brave correspondent enters the ring, and centuries of noble tradition are trampled to dust.

By Exclusive

Let It Be Light

Tackling the task facing every health-and weight-conscious eater—how to cut back on fat without going hungry—with calculator, scale, and food-values guide in hand.

Oct 1991
By Exclusive

The Latest (Face) Lift

Behind every step forward in cosmetic surgery, there are pioneering doctors of courage and skill not yet satisfied with all that has been achieved. An eyewitness account of an innovative procedure that will influence facial operations for decades to come.

Oct 1992
By Exclusive

Throw Me a Knife

A rather pointed look into the oddball world of professional cutlery tossing.

By Exclusive

I Love Dirt

A formerly uneasy rider discovers her true element.

By Exclusive

Over the Edge

What’s behind the push for extreme-sports athletes to fly faster, jump farther, die sooner? There’s only one way to find out.

Jun 1995
By Exclusive

Physical Evidence

Celebrity patients fly 5,000 miles for checkups at the Mayo Clinic. What are they getting that the rest of us aren’t?

Apr 1993
By Exclusive

Reinventing the Spa

Practicing “mindfulness” at the newest of the New Age resorts.

Oct 1996
By Exclusive

Inner Strength

How to keep your skeleton healthy into old age.

May 1991

Ladies Who Spray

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, cut it out!

May 2000

Turning Orange

Raw carrot abuse is nothing to laugh at.

Jan 2000

Sledding in Davos

To succeed at Switzerland’s hot new sport, you have to remember how to be a kid again.

Jan 2000

Bug Heads, Rat Hairs—Bon Appétit

Do you know how many insect parts are allowed in your Fig Newton?

Jan 2000

I Was a Human Crash-Test Dummy

For 15 years, a professor gave his body for human impact-survival research—and lived to tell the tale.

Nov 1999

Flush of the Future

Tokyo’s Toto makes toilets that do everything—whether you want them to or not.

Oct 1999