How to Win at Germ Warfare

You won’t believe what’s hiding in your kitchen sponge, toothbrush, and telephone. It’s enough to make you sick.

Jul 1994
By Exclusive

Meditation’s Magic

The president of Mozambique says meditation has cured his headaches, eased his stress—and brought peace to his war-torn country. Just imagine what it can do for you.

Sep 1995
By Exclusive

Can You Laugh Your Stress Away?

Members of the Laughing Clubs of India say a daily dose of guffaws lowers their blood pressure, revs their immune system, and helps them sleep better at night. They’ve got to be joking.

Sep 1996
By Exclusive

A Postcard from the Twilight Zone

I used to be sure there was no such thing as telepathy. Then I stepped into the ganzfeld.

Jul 1995
By Exclusive

Heavenly Skin

Why would a bunch of nuns be hanging around with a man of science like Rodolphe Maheux? To test the newest antiwrinkle drug: estrogen.

Jul 1996
By Exclusive

If the Shoe Fits

You don’t need a space-age sneaker to walk in comfort. In the right everyday shoe, you can go forever.

Mar 1997
By Exclusive

Give Your Skin a Break

We used to think that wrinkles were an inevitable part of aging. Now we know they can be prevented, maybe even reversed, if you just get out of the sun.

Apr 1997
By Exclusive

Oh, Grow Up

What is the price of beauty? A few grand a year.

Oct 2000
By Exclusive

Deflating an Age-Old Problem

Is discomfort keeping you away from beans or milk? There are ways to end your gas crisis.

Oct 1995

Underarmed and Dangerous

Attention, odor judges. It’s time to sniff the armpits. (And you thought your job was tough.)

Jul 1992

Deep, Active Penetration

How researchers at one toothbrush maker figure out ways to make dental hygiene a pleasurable experience.

May 2000

Pill Talk

October is Talk About Prescriptions Month, and Battery Safety Month, and …

Oct 1999
By Exclusive

He Came. He Saw. He Cleaned.

Stacy Lewis has one husband, three kids, and 104 sixth-graders to take care of. And for five whole days, she had a “wife” to take care of her.

May 2000

The Cadaver in the Space Capsule

The ultimate crash test protects future astronauts from hard landings.

Aw, Gratin!

Couch potatoes say their image has taken a mashing at a California county fair.

Aug 1988
By Exclusive

Ed and Mary Do Mars and Venus

… And find that men and women actually do live on the same planet.

Mar 2001
By Exclusive

Young for Your Age

Go ahead, drop ten years. It’s easy, says anti-aging doctor Michael Roizen. All it takes is changing a few habits—of body and mind.

Oct 1999

My Father the Geezer

Her dad mixed Metamucil in his orange juice. He turned the TV up loud. Still, he was pretty cool.

The Survivalist’s Guide to Do-It-Yourself Medicine

Come the apocalypse, who will fill your prescriptions?

Dec 1999


If a scientist stands in the way of 150 tons of snow crashing down a mountain at 50 mph, can he figure out why it let loose and when it will again?

Dec 1999
By Exclusive

Mud Slinging

Touted for everything from drawing out toxins to revving circulation, mud has traveled far from its earthy origins to become the beauty treatment du jour.

Jun 1995

Unhappy Meal

How to eat yourself to death.

Dec 1999
By Exclusive

Beating the Transatlantic Blahs

The hormone melatonin has been hailed as a cure for jet lag, a fast fix for insomnia, and even a breast cancer preventive. Does it deliver? The author crosses eight time zones to find out.

Feb 1995
By Exclusive

Scents and Science

Muzak is fading, “environmental fragrancing” is wafting in—especially in Japan, where people really believe that aromas affect mood and behavior.

Mar 1993