Coogan’s Bluff

The British comedian isn’t a dour S.O.B. He just plays one on TV.

Jun 2011

Michael Shannon: Fanatic

As the righteous, insane Nelson Van Alden on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Michael Shannon has gone from being known only as “that big intense dude with the bug eyes in that indie film” to the actor’s actor of his generation. The author explores his scary talent and (secretly) sweet personality.

Dec 2011

The Limey

Over his long and magnificent career, Michael Caine—er, SIR Michael Caine—has acted, we're pretty sure, in every movie ever made. The man who started as Alfie has a story to tell about all of them.

Jul 2008

Nasty Monkey Bites! Sneezing At Tigers! Stiff Upper Lips! (Crikey!)

The intrepid travels and incredible tales of Col. John Blashford-Snell, explorer.

Jan 2002

The 150-Second Sell, Take 34

Think it’s hard to put together a big-budget Hollywood thriller? Well, try editing a trailer that has something for everyone.

Brit Wit

Steve Coogan is England’s Mike Myers. In a film about Britain’s post-punk scene, Americans are finally getting to see what’s so funny.

The Optimist

In his bid to become the Democratic candidate for president, Dennis Kucinich represents all those grass-roots-dreaming, odds-ignoring unelectables.

The Electronic Fishbowl

Could you handle the pressure of having your most private moments broadcast to millions? When a confessional culture meets up with the Internet (and spectacle-hungry network executives), exhibitionism becomes the ultimate extreme sport.

The Stiff Guy vs. the Dumb Guy

Gore and Bush each get lampooned on late-night television, but the satire isn’t impartial. And with comics becoming as influential as news anchors, how a political joke gets constructed actually matters.

Did You Hear the One About the Suicide Bomber?

After Sept. 11, Shazia Mirza became famous by telling a single (some think abominable) joke. It’s a funny thing, being a devout Muslim female comic.

The Kid Stays in the Pictures

How Leonardo DiCaprio finally learned to play the Hollywood game.

Will a Flying Doll … Fly?

For Lewis Galoob Toys, the race to create the big toy for next Christmas began two years ago, on a front lawn in Montclair, N.J.

Journey to the Center of the Edge

In the annals of unsuccessful exploration, no mystery has remained more puzzling than the endless wrangling among historians and New York literary agents over the fate of the legendary lost expedition of Colonel Sir Edward Fallow Pike. In light of the tremendous excitement over the recent discovery of an authentic fragment of Pike’s journal in an Argentine wax museum—not to mention the pending books, museum shows, television documentaries, movies, limited edition gift items, and all-star tribute CD—we are proud to present this exclusive and really quite expensive excerpt.

Nov 1999

Majoring in Business Administration, with Graduate Studies in the Theory and Practice of Booty Shaking

Collegiate cheerleader champions are fit as Olympians yet eloquent as poets. Steadfast as soldiers yet chirpy as Kathy Lee. Is it any wonder they’re always on top?

Sep 1998


Thanks to an ingenious GPS-based app called Grindr, gay men have been hooking up with other guys by whipping out their phones when they’re horny. Now there’s a version for straight people. Will this change the world?

Oct 2011

Against Irony

A new culture war is being waged against the evils of the knowing smirk—and a sincere young man named Jedediah Purdy is leading the charge.

Leading Man: Leonardo DiCaprio

With Revolutionary Road, Leo DiCaprio has turned in the most mature and memorable performance of his lifetime—which is saying something. The über-star/carbon-negator talks about his love of Kate Winslet, why men are forever at war with themselves, and why the damned paparazzi always make him look ungrateful.

Dec 2008

The Red-State Network

Fox News deals with its slanted reputation.

The Glow at the End of the Dial

Ira Glass Is, um (pause, delete) … listening. The perfectly edited world of his “American Life.”

Same as He Ever Was

David Byrne is too old to be a pop star. But he’s still interesting enough to be running a vanguard record label, exhibiting odd photographs and assembling weird art books—all while creating his most appealing album in years.

Immigrants with an I.P.O.

They didn’t come to America to get by. They came to take on AOL—and maybe make a few million.

The Sound of Things to Come

Woody Norris has reinvented acoustics. Big news for the world of music. Bigger news for advertising and crime-fighting and combat.

Aria of the Lesbian Dwarf Diaper Fetishist

Opera used to embrace vulgar melodrama—and audiences loved it. So why not an opera based on America’s most lurid talk show?

Does a Duck Have a Soul?

How foie gras became the new fur.
Jun 2005