My Way

One suburban family man improvises his own New York City marathon as a way to revisit his youth.

Sep 2007
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Frat Boys Make Good Grown-ups…

…because, unlike their deluded counterparts holding protests on the quad, they’ve learned how to deal amicably with cretins and idiots.

Nov 1995
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The Suit

When it comes to men’s fashion, nothing can match the expertise of a master tailor.

Oct 1999
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Smashing Success

Will the real Gallagher stand up?

Feb 2000
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To Alex, Age 11, to Be Read When You First Dent the Car

An induction into the family tradition.

Sep 2007
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The Goofball Garbo

Adam Sandler, the unstoppable auteur-star of five consecutive comedy smashes, keeps a low profile and shuns the press. In so doing, this seemingly unremarkable suburban mensch has managed to cultivate, of all things, a mystique.

Mar 2000
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The Z-Factor

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a gold digger in Intolerable Cruelty. And she’s ready for the art-imitating-life onslaught.

Nov 2003

Raise a Winner

Only by letting children stumble once in a while can you teach them what it takes to be the best.

Nov 2008


In Spain, Pau Gasol is as big as Elvis. In Memphis, he’s getting there.

Questioning the Inca Paradox

Did the civilization behind Machu Picchu really fail to develop a written language?

Jul 2011

She Saws, He Sautes

My wife fixes up the house. I fix dinner. Who knew that owning a home would bring out her inner Norm Abram?

Apr 2009

The Coffee Junkie’s Guide to Caffeine Addiction

We’re hooked like never before. Is that bad?

Jun 2008

The Doctor Is Out There

Joel Fuhrman, best-selling author and radical nutritionist (he once cured a heel injury by fasting for 46 days), says all you need to do to live an optimally healthy, disease-free life is eat pounds and pounds of vegetables every day. Can you live with that?

Oct 2012
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Marty Reisman, Ping-Pong Hustler

Marty Reisman’s athletic career may have peaked during the Truman administration—but that hasn’t kept him from living every day since like he is champion of the world.

Apr 2012


Tamika Catchings will not let her niceness, or her near deafness, prevent her from becoming the best player in the W.N.B.A.

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Lost Cities, Found Anew

Join the crowds and take the easy way up Machu Picchu. Or follow the trail of early explorers and see a handful of rarely seen Incan masterpieces.

By Editors Recommend

Krakatoa, South of Paris

Who would want a $100 million theme park devoted to the belching drama of volcanoes? The French, that’s who—if they can ever stop arguing about it.

Oct 2002

The Craziest Diet Ever

Before Dr. Atkins, there was diet guru Bernarr Macfadden. His biographer, Mark Adams, tried out one of his all-natural diets and found he was stronger, sharper … and that he smelled like apples.

Mar 2009
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Broadway’s Test-Tube Babies

They got the lead parts in “Grease” via reality TV. But will they get voted off our island?
Jul 2007