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The Forbidden Island

They told me I’d never get on, and when that didn’t work, they said there was nothing there. But if Ni‘ihau was just the dusty cattle farm they swore it was, then why were they trying to hard to keep me off?

Mar 1988
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The Facts of Life

Ovulation, body hair, pregnancy, self-esteem, abstinence, AIDS, and wet dreams. Jean Carpenter's sixth-grade class talks about it all.

Sep 1994
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“What you had were the Commies saying “Death to the Klan,” and the Klan and the Nazis saying “Death to the Commies,” and, hey, let’s have a shoot-out.” A clip from a newlpaper morgue? Lines from a B movie? No, some guns went off in Greensboro, North Carolina, on the morning of November 3, and when it was over, five people were dead. How? And why?

Jan 1980
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The Two Faces of Mr. B

Deep love, broken by a deeper lie.

May 1991
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Voodoo, USA

Fatal roots and hexes, kunji balls, decapitated corpses … What’s going on here?

Feb 1980
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Winning through Elimination

Nicodemo Scarfo and the rise of the Atlantic City Underworld.

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Soldier of Misfortune

Gus Grillo learned in Vietnam that he was at peace when he was at war. He went willingly to Angola, where he fought people he did not know, for money he never got, in a war that was really over before he arrived.

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Encounter over Alaska

The UFO that can’t be explained.

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An American family in 1984.

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The Mobster Who Could Bring Down the Mob

Phil Leonetti went from Mafia hit man to Government witness. His next victim may be John Gotti.

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The Mysteries of Life

Oct 1979
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Love and Death in Vermont

Jun 1979
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Fatal Complication

Michelle was dying. The only hope was a transplant. They had to find a liver donor—immediately.

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Getting Decked

Mar 1979
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Mom vs. Mom

Why stay-at-home and working mothers are turning on each other.

Aug 1989
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What Went Wrong on Joe Frazier’s Farm?

Just about everything. And now joe’s in “this mess,” as the boxer’s mother puts it, over the plantation she never wanted: The Fraziers think the Lord is trying to tell them something.

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Love and Death on the Main Line

Mark Biddle had everything going for him: wealth, reputation, and a new wife he adored more than life itself. For the first time, his widow tells in depth the tragic story of a man who loved too much.

Sep 2000
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Soaring to the Top

That’s what her teammates call her. And Dominique Dawes is the most dominant national gymnastics champion in U.S. history. Can she stay on top until the ’96 Olympics?

Apr 1995
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Arctic Dreams & Nightmares

With only a headlamp and the mid-February moon to light the way, Mike Horn treks across pack ice on the Arctic Ocean. He and teammate Børge Ousland were pursuing a shared vision: to ski to the Pole in the dead of winter. Not long after, a third adventurer—stranded, frantic, and alone—sat atop a shrinking ice floe facing death.

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The Racing Unsers

What it takes to ride in the ultimate fast lane: a super car, a steely calm, and a family willing to sweat the nightmares.

Jan 1991

Power Struggle

The people of Iceland awaken to a stark choice: exploit a wealth of clean energy or keep their landscape pristine.

Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran

A glorious past inspires a conflicted nation.