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The Heart Goes Last

In episode four of Positron, our happy couple Stan and Charmaine enter a darkly devious world of faked executions, sexbots, and Elvis impersonators.

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Erase Me

In part three of Atwood’s Positron, the dystopian dark comedy takes its darkest turn yet, pitting husband against wife and the human impulse to love against the animal instinct to survive.

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Choke Collar

In episode two of the serial Positron, Stan and Charmaine discover that when you surrender your autonomy, you can become anyone’s slave, both in bed and out.


In an exclusive excerpt from Shadow Show, a new anthology of stories inspired by Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood imagines a future in which “losing your head” takes on a whole new meaning.

May 2012


A 1983 commencement address given at the University of Toronto.

Jun 1983
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I’m Starved for You

The first installment of the serial Positron, in which the prophetic Margaret Atwood delivers a hilarious yet harrowing tale about liberty, power, and the irrepressibility of human appetite.

Women’s Novels

May 1993

Death by Landscape

Aug 1990

My Brother

Mar 1989
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Why Wattpad Works

You can post your own writing. No one need know your age or background. And your readers can be anywhere.
Jul 2012
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The Tale-Teller Who Tapped into the Gothic Core of America

Ray Bradbury, who died this week, was celebrated as a giant of science fiction, but his books defy classification. What accounts for his remarkable scope and influence?
Jun 2012
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Hello, Martians. Let Moby-Dick Explain

Judging America by its literature.
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At Home among the Bluenosers

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Hard to Reach, Hard to Leave

Adventures in paradise—St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
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The Road to Ustopia

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale has been criticised for not wanting to call her books science fiction. But what is SF anyway, and how does it connect with her lifelong fascination with creating other worlds?

Oct 2011
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Hack Wednesday

Sep 1990
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That Certain Thing Called the Girlfriend

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Wilderness Tips

Feb 1991
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Atwood in the Twittersphere

Reading the acclaimed novelist 140 characters at a time.
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Mar 1990
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Chicken Little Goes Too Far

Oct 2005
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Stone Mattress

Dec 2011
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Under Glass

Feb 1972
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In Search of the Rattlesnake Plantain

Aug 1986