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Devotion: A Rat Story

An exquisitely unsettling tale about a young single mother whose new home is already inhabited by her neighbors’ pets—fat, hungry, and multiplying daily.

Home for the Holidays

She’ll be home for Christmas—you can count on that. But whose home? Her mother’s? Her father’s? Her stepmother’s? Her grandparents’? Her boyfriend’s? The author confronts the now-classic holiday question.

A Christmas Chronicle

How I learned the secret of Santa Claus’ annual visit.

Dec 2005

Fake the Lawn?

What’s a lifelong lawn lover to do when facing a drought? One word: plastics.

Jul 2009
By Editors Recommend

Reading and Its Rewards

Read books; get a bike. Bribery plays a key role in a writer’s career.

Hot or Cold

Looking back on a not-quite memory.

Dec 2003

Swimming to Montana

On earning one’s summer by surviving winter.

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Dec 2008