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The Luxury Rental Girlfriend

Why buy the long-term relationship when short-term does the trick?

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Dinner with Bradley

This is a beautiful time for Bradley Cooper. Not because he is a movie star. That’s fine. No, this is JFK as senator, a time in a man’s life when the future is unpaved but open. It’s enough to make a guy quite nervous.

Jun 2011
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The Broke Broker

He’s got keys to the best apartments, but lacks one of his own.
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Why We Cheat

An honest appraisal.
Apr 2012
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The Man Who Made Obama

Campaign manager David Plouffe got the first black president elected. Now he’s moving on to something even more difficult, and potentially more important.

Mar 2009
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Rachel Uchitel Is Not a Madam

And the bottle girls who work at clubs are not prostitutes. As Tiger Woods’s very public escapades through the 21st-century courtesan economy suggest, it’s all much more complicated than that.

Apr 2010