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Big D, Little H.R.P.

Oct 1992
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Orphans of Jonestown

Among the people most haunted by the sight of the children leaving the compound near Waco were the surviving sons of Jim Jones. Fifteen years ago, when they left Jonestown to play in a basketball tournament, their father ordered the deaths of everyone they knew and loved leaving them alone in a society uncomprehending of their experience.

Nov 1993
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Double Mystery

Recent research into the nature of twins is reversing many of our most fundamental convictions about why we are who we are.

Aug 1995
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A Rapist’s Homecoming

There is no universally accepted method for treating violent sex offenders, and no way to know which offenders remain a threat. But the prison therapist Kayjatkson was convinced that her patient Donald Chapman would attack again—and be was about to be released back into the community.

Sep 1995
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Silent Sperm

How serious are the reports of increase in male infertility? And if the environment is the problem, are any men anywhere safe? The author consults international experts on a growing scientific controversy.

Jan 1996
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Captured on Film

Can dissident filmmakers effect change in Syria?

May 2006
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One Drop of Blood

Jul 1994
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Letter from Jerusalem: Forcing the End

Jul 1998
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The Counter-Terrorist

Jan 2002
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Lives of the Saints

Jan 2002
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The Terror Web

Aug 2004
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The Agent

Did the C.I.A. stop an F.B.I. detective from preventing 9/11?

Jul 2006
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The Master Plan

For the new theorists of jihad, Al Qaeda is just the beginning.

Sep 2006
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The Spymaster

Can Mike McConnell fix America’s intelligence community?

Jan 2008
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The Rebellion Within

An Al Qaeda mastermind questions terrorism.

Jun 2008
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Slim’s Time

Who is Carlos Slim, and does he want the paper of record?

Jun 2009
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What really happened during the Israeli attacks?

Nov 2009
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Lithium Dreams

Can Bolivia become the Saudi Arabia of the electric-car era?

Mar 2010
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The Kingdom of Silence

Jan 2004
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The Apostate

Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology.

Feb 2011
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The Man behind Bin Laden

How an Egyptian doctor became a master of terror.

Sep 2002